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"Well delivered, useful insights, ideas for things to do when I go away. Fast, focused training. Loved the lack of Powerpoint!"

"Excellent mix of attendees. Well presented and lots to go away and think about. Excellent presenter and pitched at just the right level."

"Brilliant facilitator! Interesting, fun and challenging. More than met expectations."

"Fantastic! Refreshing and great that delegates were not all from the same professions. Good communication, organisation and venue."

"The best course attended in quite some time. Good pace and comprehensive range of areas covered. Very useful in today's climate. Excellent delivery, well pitched. Well explained concepts."

"Very thorough and precise. I honestly feel like I have learned a lot. Well informed, knowledgeable facilitator. His associated material was all current and recent which helped a great deal."

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Negotiation Skills for the Reluctant Negotiator

Nice people can negotiate effectively! This course shows you practical, collaborative ways to reach great solutions.

Enhancing Your Influencing

Learn how the skills of powerful influencers can be turned into practical tools that you can use to gain genuine buy-in, even in the most challenging situations.

How To Become A Top 10% Performer At Work

Practical tools to become one of your organisation's top performers


10.02.16Courageous Conversations - Bad Attitude cheat sheet

Quick tips on how to have a courageous conversations with someone who has a bad attitude

02.12.15What is a Courageous Conversation?

Get a free copy of Courageous Conversations - how to create a high performing team where people love to work

01.09.15When is it time to find a new job?

6 questions to ask yourself before you move on

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