How to Facilitate Brilliant Meetings

Practical tools to make sure all your meetings are effective, engaging, and get the job done in the time available
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In this highly practical course you learn how to turn potentially boring or chaotic online or face to face meetings into enjoyable interactive events that get to the result you need by the end of the allotted time.

You will walk away with a wealth of tools and techniques to brief participants, discuss issues, solve problems, prioritise, make decisions, manage disruptions and plan ahead.

This course will build your confidence build your repertoire and enable you to do a ‘meetings makeover’ for even the most boring or challenging meetings.

What you'll learn

  • The six ‘C’s of meeting facilitation
  • How to engage people from the start whether you are meeting virtually or face to face
  • 56 ideas that will enable you to pull out the ‘right tool for the job' even when you have to think on your feet
  • A mechanism to enable large groups to assess their level of agreement with complex decisions
  • How to make sure everyone understands what's being discussed and agreed and avoid having to revisit issues
  • A simple, easy to use tool to help teams/groups analyse complex information together
  • The 4-Step method to enable a group to collaborate on a solution that everyone can commit to
  • How to filter and prioritise simply and easily, even with a large group
  • How to keep people's attention even when not everyone is able to contribute on a topic
  • Four questions to ask to manage disagreements
  • What to do when people ‘misbehave' unintentionally as well as deliberately, and how to manage disruption before, during and after the meeting

Who is it for?

Anyone who has responsibility for facilitating meetings or events and wants to gain confidence, increase their repertoire and address some facilitation challenges.

Your facilitator

Shona Ward
Shona Ward

Shona loves to help people make changes in their people skills that produce big results. She is a Managing Partner of the Learning Curve Network and has been designing and delivering interactive training events since 1987. She began her career providing individual counselling and psychotherapy in Further Education, Health and Social services and uses this background in psychology to make her training effective and long lasting. She provides management development, staff event facilitation and interpersonal skills training across multiple sectors and has worked with manufacturing companies, language schools, insurance companies, publishers, utility companies, housing associations, NHS Trusts, and universities . Our clients say that she is engaging, informative, and inspires confidence.


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20/09/22 9:30 - 16:30