High Impact Facilitation and Training Skills

No more boring training sessions! Learn practical techniques to deliver engaging, effective training sessions.
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Learning new skills at work is changing. People have many choices about how and when they learn new work skills.

Classroom and face to face training is still very effective and highly valued while online “virtual classroom” style learning is becoming an essential skill for trainers.

What does a trainer need to know and do now to ensure that they design and deliver great training experiences for participants and excellent value for money for their organisations?

This one day intensive course will give new or experienced trainers a rapid, concise and practical guide to designing and delivering high impact training that inspires real change and development.

This course is available online or face to face. The content is similar on both courses, but the online version emphasises skills required for online training, and the face to face emphasises those most needed for face to face delivery.

What you'll learn

  • An overview of how adults learn – what trainers need to know about learning styles
  • Setting objectives for your training intervention – how will the training change the way your learners think and act at work?
  • How to connect the training to the needs of the business and the needs of the individual learner
  • How to plan and structure a course – up to date techniques that will work face to face or online
  • How to engage and motivate learners from the first hello to the end of the day using effective training techniques such as questions, listening effectively, building rapport
  • Effective ways to include and involve everyone
  • How to deal with tricky people – such as those who dominate the conversation, who don’t want to be there, or who are disruptive
  • A range ways to adapt your training style when delivering online
  • How to ensure that the learning “sticks” and make it easier for people to apply their new skills back at work.

Who is it for?

Anyone who delivers training as part of their job, who would like to refresh or improve their skills and learn how to use the most effective facilitation techniques.


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