Free Friday - Financial Health Check - 5 key questions to ask

Is your business or service healthy enough to withstand the challenges ahead?
Half day


This free one hour course will guide you through the key financial questions you must ask to assess your current financial health.

You'll learn exactly what information you need and where to find it so you can make the best possible decisions.

This quick overview will enable you to read your financial statements accurately and identify any missing information you need to collect.

What you'll learn

We'll cover the 5 key questions you must ask, and show you how to find the answers:

  • What are my main financial reports telling me?
  • Do we have enough cash?
  • Are we making enough profit?
  • Are we fully aware of our financial risks?
  • What other factors should I consider?

Who is it for?

Anyone who runs a business or a service or who has budget responsibilities.

Your facilitator

Zahoor Bargir
Zahoor Bargir

Zahoor is an accountant who worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers before venturing out as a consultant and author. He has led teams at start-up as well as FTSE 100 companies. He has a unique talent for keeping things simple and specialises in training non-finance professionals on the wonders of budgeting and finance.

He is an accomplished finance trainer who has worked with a variety of clients including: GSK, Legal and General, ABN Amro, Capita, Channel 4, Newham Borough Council, TfL, Sony and The Treasury.


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Free Friday - Financial Health Check - 5 key questions to ask
Virtual Classroom
16/10/20 13:30 - 14:30