Exceptional People Skills for Brilliant Customer Service

How to connect with customers and provide a great experience by phone, chat, email or in person
Half day


Providing a great experience to every customer requires a complex set of communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to feel confident, calm and assertive in all situations. Even the most skilled customer service professionals will find some customer interactions frustrating though.

It's not always easy to be clear and concise on a call. Sometimes you may not be sure the customer has understood you. At times the customer will be upset or complaining and it's hard to keep calm.

This course offers new and experienced customer service and other front line staff powerful insights into the skills and behaviours that will enable them to provide first class experiences to customers by phone, email and (eventually!) face to face. We'll look at why the best calls flow logically, finish elegantly, and resolve the customer's issue completely. We'll also cover common problems and how to tackle them.

What you'll learn

  • What excellent communications skills really means in practice
  • How to build rapport by phone, email and face to face
  • How to listen with empathy and respect
  • How to understand your own emotions and triggers during difficult conversations so you can remain calm under pressure
  • How to be professional and still be genuine
  • How to be assertive while being completely professional and fair
  • Proven ways to wrap up a call efficiently
  • Breaking calls, chats and other interactions into clear, logical steps so that every interaction flows
  • 3 resilience tips for customer facing staff

Who is it for?

Anyone with a customer facing role.

Your facilitator

James Perryman
James Perryman

James has built up his experience over 20+ years working with organisations across many sectors including telecommunications, travel, insurance, banking and FMCG. His work spans the range and diversity of a typical business, running leadership and talent development programmes, providing 1:1 coaching and business consultancy. He is passionate about bringing clarity, direction and a sense of purpose to individuals, teams and organisations – all aimed at helping people and organisations grow and become better for themselves and their customers.

He is regularly invited to guest speak at events, often asked to share his expertise on people's natural behavioural and communication styles, and provide valuable ways in which people can adapt their own style to engage audiences when presenting, and win business when pitching.

James holds a number of qualifications in emotional intelligence, behavioural and personality type tools, and is a member of the Professional Speakers Association.


Excellent (virtual) in-house tailored course and brilliantly delivered. Thank you we will be using again and again.
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14/06/22 9:30 - 12:30