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I have attended a number of Hub Event courses and this was the usual exceptionally high standard. As an on-line training resource it was informative, authoritative and very interactive. Larry was a skilled facilitator, guided the small group through a wide range of topics and backed up with further reading and useful tools. Overall an excellent and highly recommended programme.

The New Manager Bootcamp (Online)

I wasn't sure what to expect from a virtual training session and how this would compare to a classroom based setting. The interactive session was well organised with material sent out in advance and clear instructions for how to join and use Zoom as the mechanism in which the workshop session would be held. Use of breakout areas was great and allowed participants to still work/talk through things in smaller groups, as you would usually expect from a classroom based workshop. Overall, a well-run session, with great content and would definitely consider doing more virtual training.

Women in Leadership - Succeeding Through Uncertainty (ONLINE)

Thank you for an excellent session. the content, organisation and facilitation was impressive, formative and enjoyable as well as thought provoking.Will definitely access other training sessions

Women in Leadership - Succeeding Through Uncertainty (ONLINE)

Absolutely brilliant training event, extremely engaging, gave me loads of tips and ideas for moving our organisation forward, I would definitely recommend!

How to Move Learning Online (ONLINE)

Has to be the best virtual learning experience I've had to date. Facilitator was professional, personable and had great energy throughout the session. Materials to support her teaching were really useful too. Found the course full of practical advice and the right duration for the material to be delivered.Dana was a brilliant host, energetic and had the whole classroom engaged throughout.

Mastering The Art of Virtual Training

I really enjoyed the course clear and concise yet insightful and relevant content. Great trainer, approachable yet professional. Thank you

How to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing (ONLINE)

This was the first time I have taken part in an online training session, after this session it will not be the last.Extremely clear instruction but most important, this was a two way class. You were encouraged at anytime to ask a question or to go over something if you were not quite clear. Brilliant style of teaching by the most helpful 'Jonny'.Look forward to the next class.

How to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing (ONLINE)

I believe the course helped to refresh practices that we may have used in the past however have forgotten. I felt that Shona was excellent, very professional, articulate and encouraging. I found a lot of the course informative and interesting. It has also reminded me to breathe instead of jumping the gun and being irritated over small things. The tools that were given along with the guide book and homework are all very helpful and I would definitely recommend doing the course.

Coping in a Crisis: Building Your Resilience (ONLINE)

Dana the trainer is excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed her engaging style of training but it was also a well researched and incredibly useful session that has left me with many resources, useful skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend

Mastering The Art of Virtual Training

I took the High Impact for Introverts course with Shona. This was the first development course on communication that I've been to that I've found genuinely useful. (A lot of other courses sometimes feel like hippie mindfulness courses instead and generally over-do things like voice/power posing). Shona's course actually has a lot of great takeaway's that are realistic for an introvert to actually go and apply in real life. It covers a wide array of areas - such as networking, meetings and even a bit on short speeches. Shona was also an excellent trainer, thank you! Note: I took this course virtually during covid where it was split into 2 half days rather than 1 full days (which was a great way to break down and make it easier to focus)

How to be a High Impact Introvert (ONLINE 6 hour course run over 2 mornings)

Very insightful it challenged my existing though processes. Really beneficial to hear about other experiences. Emma has lots of tips and advice to take back to your role. I would highly recommend, Emma is extremely knowledgeable in this field and I would definitely like to attend more courses.

Business Manager, Anixter
Powerful Female Managers - Two Day Development Course for Women

Well structured and well presented, the handout is fantastic. Very informative and not one dimensional. Very enriching, I learned a lot of new skills.

Sister, Maidstone & TW NHS Trust
The Experienced Manager Bootcamp (2 days)

Absolutely fantastic, Every single session was interesting, stimulating, informative. It is useful for work and personal life. Extremely enjoyable and worthwhile. Larry is the most gifted teacher I have ever seen, knowledgeable and made everyone feel at ease.

Senior Sister, Maidstone & TW NHS Trust
The Experienced Manager Bootcamp (2 days)

Fantastic, the right mix of interaction and listening. I think it was very well tailored to the audience. A great way to learn new skills, challenge old habits and come away with tools that you can apply straightaway.

Head of Finance and Operations, Travel Foundation
How to Become an Expert Facilitator

Our Engaging Leadership Training with Dan was some of the best training I've had. Dan talked with real insight and from personal experience - not just textbook theory. The group exercises served a real purpose rather than just being 'oh now we need to do some group work to break the day up'. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Engaging Leadership - People Strategies that Work

Excellent course and presenter, entertaining whilst full of content. Venue was without fault including facilities and catering. Administration was slick, easy and responsive. Possibly the best overall course experience I've had and I have attended many, over many years.

Writing for Results

I wanted to say a massive thank you. I can say for myself that yesterday was one of the most enjoyable, thought-provoking and helpful days of my working life. I've heard nothing but tremendous praise for you from colleagues all morning there are insufficient words to describe how good your course is.

Acting Head of IT
Dealing with Difficult People and Unreasonable Behaviour at Work

Thought Provoking, timely, good interaction/participation. Good use of tools and resources. A whistle stop tour of how you perceive yourself and how you can build on this.

Head of Operations
Women Advancing in Leadership

Great I learnt a lot, good pace throughout. It helped with real life problem solving. A great course to support and reassure you capabilities as a manager and very enjoyable.

Admissions Manager
The New Manager Bootcamp

Enjoyed it. Fast paced, stimulating, relevant, up to date. Lots of opportunity to join in, share and contribute. It will challenge you perception of yourself as a woman in the workplace.

Head of Tax
Women Advancing in Leadership

Really useful, probably the best training course I've been on. I feel like it will really benefit me in the future. Gives you the knowledge and tools of why we get anxious over presenting and how to overcome it in a safe environment.

CRM Planning Manager
Presentation Skills for the Reluctant Presenter

Very good and informative. Dana was engaging, clear, easy to understand, helpful and fun. I felt I learnt a lot and some useful, helpful tips to take home with me. Very interesting, useful for not only in the workplace for for dealing with people in general.

Admin Support, Thornsett Group
Handling Difficult Customers and Situations

Excellent introduction, it identified methods and tools that I will adopt. Really good starting point. Having a mixture of attendees from different organisations really aided to the learning.

, Scottish Government
Step Up to Leadership

Excellent and delivered at a good pace. Good amount of interaction with others. Gives you an opportunity to 'think' which rarely happens at work. Valuable and very helpful with future career development.

Principal Teacher of Pupil Support
Step Up to Leadership
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