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Posted: 20 February 2019

In addition to our extensive list of open courses, we also deliver management training and personal development training in house for our clients.  These courses can be run for up to 18 participants, call us on 0161 484 5002 for more details.

Turning around a Dysfunctional Team
Most of us have had the experience of being in a team that isn't working well - even when individually the staff are capable.

The impact on everyone involved can be de-motivating, frustrating and alienating. Some of us will also have had the experience of the buzz of being in a team that is performing well together, whether it was a sports team, a particular project team or your regular work team. What is it that transforms a group of people into a team like this, and how can you get your own team back on track?

Drawing on the work of Patrick Lencioni ( author of ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team') and others this one-day course will enable you to make sense of what is needed for your particular team and how you can provide that.
We will use real examples to understand what makes the best team interventions as well as widening our repertoire from the range of team scenarios that participants bring with them.

Positive Performance Appraisals 
Most people don't look forward to performance appraisal meetings. This is a pity, because a lot of organisational time and effort goes in to the appraisal process. Handled well, performance appraisals are an excellent way to improve working relationships and enhance performance.

In this well researched and challenging seminar, you will learn how to make your performance appraisal meetings more positive and more effective.

Interview Skills for Managers 
The CVs look great, but can the candidates actually do the job? Will they thrive in your organisation?   How can you tell if they really have the experience, technical skills and personal qualities you need?

Choosing the right candidate is a crucial decision for you as a manager and for your organisation.  Making the wrong choice can be costly and demotivating, and bad for both the candidate and the rest of your team.
When talent is scarce, it's even more important to attract and recruit the right people.

This course will give you practical tips and introduce you to a range of structured methods for conducting fair and successful interviews. You'll learn how to get to know the real person, and make fair and comparable assessments about each candidate so you can be sure you're making the right choice.  

Managing Underperformance
Do you have responsibility for people who are underperforming? Have you tried to motivate them to perform better but without success? Are you concerned about the effect that underperformers are having on the rest of your team and on your customers?

Great managers do not tolerate underperformers. They use the right techniques to turn underperformers into good performers, and in the rare cases where that is not possible, they know how to remove people from their role legally and fairly.

Leading and Managing Change
One of the few things that we can absolutely rely on in life is that it will never remain static.  Just as we think things are beginning to settle, something changes.  In the world of work, change is a constant.  The world did not develop to accommodate your organisation – instead, your organisation must adapt to a changing world.

This course will give you enough theoretical background to understand how change works, plus plenty of practical, proven tools you can use immediately to deliver sustainable change.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap
On average female managers earn 22% less than their male counterparts and ‘work for free' for nearly two hours a day.

Does your organisation have the culture and policies needed to close the gender pay gap?

This course will give you an opportunity to think about your organisational culture and how it may help or hinder the progression of women leaders. There will be informative discussions on the latest gender research and you will leave the course with practical skills to help you make changes in your own organisation.

Managing Conflict at Work
With current pressures in the workplace we all know how easily things can flare up between colleagues. Managers can put off intervening because they don't know how to help or fear getting drawn into the conflict. Positive disagreement is essential for effective team working, but many hours are also spent dealing with unproductive conflict. 

We all have our default responses to conflict – maybe you are a natural competitor or a compulsive accommodator?

Whatever your instinctive response to conflict is, this course will increase your skill and confidence in getting to workable resolutions with our colleagues and team members. Dealing effectively with conflict saves time, resources, reduces stress and builds stronger more effective teams.

Negotiation Skills for the Reluctant Negotiator
A lot of us hate negotiating. Do you have to be pushy, aggressive or manipulative to be a successful negotiator?

No!  You can be yourself and negotiate with integrity and still get a great result.

Many people see negotiation like a battle and the aim of the negotiator, to WIN.  The aim of a good negotiation isn't to fight, nor to win, but collaborative problem solving.  You have an issue – I have an issue – how can we work together to resolve it in a way that is mutually beneficial?  

Adopting this mindset, you can be both a nice person and an effective negotiator.  This intensive, highly interactive and practical one-day course is designed for managers and others who want to improve their negotiation techniques and maintain their professionalism and integrity in doing so.

The course will build your skills in negotiating, give you simple and easily applied negotiating frameworks and help you to feel confident about how and when to negotiate.

HR for Non HR Managers
Line Managers often need to use HR legislation and skills to ensure the success of their team, but many do not have clear and up to date HR knowledge.

HR for non HR Managers will explain the basics of HR best practice and employment legislation, framed in a way that links to the different elements of your day to day role as a manager.  It will cover recruitment and retention, your responsibilities as a manager of staff, and will give clarity on when to consult your HR team.

Minute Taking
We're often thrown into taking minutes without any training or experience, which can be nerve-wracking and stressful.

This interactive course unpacks the skills needed to take and write up effective minutes combining trainer input with small-group practical sessions and plenty of opportunities to practise throughout the day. A course which makes a potentially dry topic fun!

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