Presentation Skills for the Reluctant Presenter

Overcome your fear of public speaking

Rated by 158 delegates


Occasional anxiety about presenting is a common experience but, for some people, it can be a persistent problem. This workshop is a highly practical one to help overcome anxiety when presenting.

There will be opportunities to learn techniques and practice them, as well as observing and learning from others. You will prepare and deliver a short presentation with the support of your facilitator and colleagues. There will be opportunities to get personalised feedback and address your own issues.  

During the day we will share a wide range of ideas and techniques to improve the style and content of presentations but the main emphasis of the day will be on preparing yourself to deliver any presentation confidently.

The group size is strictly limited to 12 participants.  To ensure personal attention there are 2 trainers providing a 1:6 trainer: participant ratio.

Presentations are recorded but ARE NOT PLAYED BACK in the group.  The recordings are made for you to take away and watch if you choose to and are not used in any way in the workshop.

What you'll learn

On this practical and interactive one-day programme you will:

  • Explore what causes your reluctance to present
  • Learn three tried and tested  techniques for handling nerves during a presentation
  • Acquire three additional tools to build your  confidence  and personal impact that you can use in other situations too
  • Explore your own personal style and delivery- recognising and transforming areas that you find difficult
  • Learn how to deliver an  engaging  presentation for your audience
  • Learn how  to handle your audience with confidence
  • Explore how you come across to others, and discover the small changes that will make a big difference

    Who is it for?

    This course is for those who:

    • Feel anxious when speaking in front of an audience but are keen to develop your presentation ability
    • You have avoided doing presentations up to now, but can't put it off much longer
    • Just the thought of having to do a presentation makes you nervous
    • Imagine all sorts of presentation nightmares happening to you and it puts you off
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      Your facilitator

      Shona Ward

      Shona loves to help people make changes in their people skills that produce big results. She is a Managing Partner of the Learning Curve Network and has been designing and delivering interactive training events since 1987.  She began her career providing individual counselling and psychotherapy in Further Education, Health and Social services and uses this background in psychology to make her training effective and long lasting. She provides management development, staff event facilitation and interpersonal skills training across multiple sectors and has worked with manufacturing companies, language schools, insurance companies, publishers, utility companies, housing associations, NHS Trusts, and universities .  Our clients say that she is engaging, informative, and inspires confidence.

      Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

      Really useful, probably the best training course I've been on. I feel like it will really benefit me in the future. Gives you the knowledge and tools of why we get anxious over presenting and how to overcome it in a safe environment.

      CRM Planning Manager

      Very helpful indeed. It has given me the boost I needed. Shona was a well prepared, hugely informative, warm and engaging presenter. The day was well structured broken up into good segments. A huge number of indispensable take away tips that cover every conceivable element of what it is about presenting that you fear or worry about.

      Solicitor, BCL

      I really enjoyed it, so glad I attended. Lots of tips and information. Loved the coping strategies it was all managed sensitively. It is thorough and takes you step by step through the process of presenting in a safe and friendly environment.

      Director of Clinical Services , Dr Kershaws Hospice

      Really enjoyed it. I was nervous beforehand, I presented better than I thought I would and I learnt a lot from other peoples presentations. Don't put it off, attend the course, good value for money.

      Director, Hattons Model Railways

      Really useful, probably the best training course I've been on. I feel like it will really benefit me in the future. Gives you the knowledge and tools of why we get anxious over presenting and how to overcome it in a safe environment.

      CRM Planning Manager

      Very helpful indeed. It has given me the boost I needed. Shona was a well prepared, hugely informative, warm and engaging presenter. The day was well structured broken up into good segments. A huge number of indispensable take away tips that cover every conceivable element of what it is about presenting that you fear or worry about.

      Solicitor, BCL

      I really enjoyed it, so glad I attended. Lots of tips and information. Loved the coping strategies it was all managed sensitively. It is thorough and takes you step by step through the process of presenting in a safe and friendly environment.

      Director of Clinical Services , Dr Kershaws Hospice

      Really enjoyed it. I was nervous beforehand, I presented better than I thought I would and I learnt a lot from other peoples presentations. Don't put it off, attend the course, good value for money.

      Director, Hattons Model Railways

      Excellent course full of practical tips, advice and techniques to support effective presenting. I'm going away much more confident in my ability to deliver going forwards. If you are looking to improve your presentation skills and become more confident this course is for you.

      Head of, Co-operative Bank

      An excellent mixture of practical training and interactive exercises. I really values the comments of not just the trainers but my fellow 'students' A 'safe' environment to learn. Don't be put off by the pre-course work, push your boundaries it will be beneficial.

      Managing Director , WCF Ltd

      Really good use of techniques to combat nervousness about presenting. Lots of opportunity for feedback and improve your techniques. Not just for the reluctant presenter, good for anyone who is new to presenting too. Lots of tips techniques and feedback.

      Senior Manager, Liverpool City Council

      It was extremely well structured and very informative. The use of techniques to assist you prior to giving a presentation really work. Really beneficial! would recommend this course if you are worried about presentations.

      Divisional Manager, Assured Group Ltd

      Very helpful with really good advice given on hoe to structure presentations. How to project the right body language and to engage the audience. The 'first aid' tools were particularly useful and I put this into practice on the day. Don't be afraid to attend, the trainers were very helpful and encouraging and gave very useful sound advice with helpful tips.

      Operations Director, Vision Support Services

      Very good, very useful. Definitely able to relate to it. Helps you identify actual triggers of your reluctance. Then you learn techniques to overcome them.

      Development Manager, Mexichem Specialty Compounds

      Very good, so glad I did it. Worth every penny, I feel so much more capable now.

      LTO, Cloudcall

      Excellent day with lots of practical elements and useful tools to deal with anxiety often associated with presenting. If presenting is your worst nightmare and you want to develop skills to help you become a more confident presenter, this course is for you.

      HR Administrator

      Very good and engaging, lots of good information. Plenty of food for thought. Gives a very helpful outline for the approach required for giving a presentation. You will leave with plenty of areas to improve and with the means to do so.

      Information Lead

      Excellent. I have picked up some really useful tips and gained very valuable feedback. I truly feel like I can bring it back into my daily work. A safe setting with mutual individuals to gain support and advice about presentations, personal feedback and very useful 'applicable to life' tips.

      Fellow in Public Health Commissioning

      Very engaging and informative. Gives you advice and tips on how to present. Will give you an idea of your presenting style.

      Patient Experience and Safety Facilitator

      Very specific and useful.

      Excellent, very comprehensive content. The trainers flexibly adapted to meet the needs of the group. Appropriate and worthwhile for anyone who needs to present as part their job.

      Senior Contract and Information Manager

      Very good! Excellent content and very tailored to the attendees. Not scary and you will learn a lot.

      Senior Director

      Great hugely informative. I discovered more about myself. Clear, concise and engaging. You will learn you actually can do it.

      Land Director

      Better than expected! was dreading it but soon made to feel at ease. Once you realise everyone is in the same boat. Book it, you wont regret it!

      Sales and Marketing Manager

      The training was relevant, well presented and informative. If you are looking to become a more confident, professional presenter then take this course. It helps you to see yourself in a less critical way, i.e how others actually see you.

      Financial Controller

      I like the balance between tips, lessons and practise. I will use some of the tricks moving forward. It will put things into perspective, making you realise that we all have things we worry about presenting but we're actually not that bad.

      Account Director

      Very powerful. Gives you information on how adopting simple techniques can transform a presenters appearance. Totally different to any other presentation course I have been on. Focused skills and techniques to overcome your fear.

      Account Manager

      Excellent, picked up some really useful tips. A bit like being on 'The Apprentice' for a day.

      Business Development Manager

      Excellent - tips, real life practice and examples were used. A great balance. Insightful and extremely useful.

      , Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

      It was really informative and useful. Our trainer, Shona Ward, was excellent and imparted lots of knowledge. A good way to improve presentation skills.


      Fantastic - I learnt a lot about presenting styles. Well worth doing.

      Housing Manager

      Excellent. I got lots of tips from the day and I look forward to using them. It provides realistic and useful tools to combat anxiety and nervousness when presenting.

      Client Relationship Manager

      A valuable days training with some excellent techniques for handling presentations and overcoming your fears.This course will help you face your fears within a non-threatening, engaging session. A great presenter.

      Head of HR

      Well Structured and thought provoking. Course was delivered in a learner friendly manner. Good course exercises and materials provided.

      Contracts Officer, NHS

      Excellent. I learnt a lot of things I can use for future presentations. An excellent course for people who are nervous about presenting.

      Information Systems Lead

      Very informative, provided a good list of tools to copy with pre-presenting nerves. Helps you to build your confidence in reporting and highlight you strengths and weaknesses to improve on.

      Information Analyst

      It was a very useful and interactive session. Very informative and skilled I would definitely recommend it.

      Driectory of Service Lead

      Today's training was very informative. I now have better skills for presenting. Do the course, the trainers were great and the content brilliant. Love the CD for self evaluation.

      Contracts Manager

      Really useful course, provided applicable tools and a good basic understanding of the physiology. Gave good practice examples, gentle critique of presentation style and feedback. Trainers were great. Perfect for anyone who doesn't feel they are very good at or enjoy presenting.

      GP Hotline Coordinator

      Really positive training session. It was engaging and informative. Good to have the opportunity to present own stuff rather than role play. Worthwhile and useful. A relaxed and positive environment for practising and refining your skills.

      Contracts Manager

      Informative and very interactive. Good course, can learn and practice at the same time. Enables you to identify your own weaknesses and you can get feedback on your own presentation.

      Quality Lead

      Fantastic, great positive thinking techniques. Shona is a brilliant trainer. Ideal if you feel nervous or anxious about presentations.

      Flood Resilience Officer

      Very useful, good tips for improving overall presentation. It's not all about the content. Good practical tips to go away with. To make future presentations much more effective which removes the fear factor.


      Great! I was apprehensive due to nerves and lack of experience. I felt comfortable thanks to Shona and the group. I will take many positives away. Go for it! Its worthwhile. Essential for anyone in a situation like mine where you want to improve yourself in this area.


      Very beneficial to me. I learnt a lot of techniques which will really assist me in my future presentations. Relaxed atmosphere which does not put pressure on you if you are nervous about presenting.

      PA and Business Development Coordinator

      Excellent it taught me a lot of things that can be used in other situations as well. Would definitely recommend, really practical not intimidating.

      Very good, interesting techniques and provided opportunities to reflect and provide feedback. presenters made it as relaxing as possible which was very useful.

      Informative, good tool kit provided. Comfortable and friendly environment. Good if you are ready to get into presenting for your career.

      Deputy Head of Change , CCLA

      Extremely useful and very empowering. Practical and interesting. If you want to control the fear of public speaking do this course.

      Director, Complyport Ltd

      It was fantastic, really helpful with building my confidence in presenting. Gave top tips, skills and opportunity to practise. Very relaxed environment.

      Senior Public Health Programme Manager, Thurrock Council

      It was very organised with lots of practise, feedback and things to take on. Really helpful to see why you are reluctant. Be able to work on the weakness and be able to take on tricks that van be used.

      Accounts Assistant, Talking Tables

      Good tips, things to practice. Addresses both the feat and the physical reaction to presenting for those who would rather not.

      Systems Development

      Extremely useful training, a lot of relevant material to support it. I particularly enjoyed the clear techniques outlined to help in presentations. If you want to understand what makes you a reluctant presenter then this is the right training for you.

      Head of

      Really good. It has given me some excellent coping strategies for pre-presentation preparation. A day well spent. It has given me confidence and allowed me to dare think of offering to present at our next seminar.

      Marketing Director, Boss Equity

      Well paced, informative, friendly and approachable trainers. Standard techniques for managing nerves and improving confidence. Opportunity to deliver presentations and get feedback.

      Head of, The Riverside Group

      Excellent, very informative and helpful. This is a positive step to becoming the presenter I want to be. It has given me skills to work on I hadn't thought of.

      Master Blender

      Well balanced programme as excellently delivered. Safe environment. Confidence building through support and coaching skills.

      Head of HR, Bunzl

      Great insight, really helpful to provide the tools and techniques I needed. Practical and insightful.

      Very good and helpful. Great way to get independent feedback on your presentations.

      Group Management Accountant

      Fantastic training. Very useful to hear other peoples views on how I presented. Everyone is in the same position.

      Marketing Manager, Ableworld UK Ltd

      Excellent, very informative and I really learnt a lot about myself and my presentation style. Informative, interesting with knowledgeable trainers.

      HR Manager, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

      Good and insightful. A good mix of practical, theory and group discussion with a variety of delegates with different backgrounds.

      Managing Director , Diversity Travel

      Really useful, excellent trainers and good course content. Brilliant, good techniques shared and advice.


      Great. Lots of helpful and useful tips. Well worth making the time to attend.

      Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator, Merseyside Fire Service

      Really good. Interesting and I learnt a lot. Low stress course that helps you develop your presentation skills and manager you anxiety/nerves.

      Contracts and Partnerships Manager, Lancashire County Council

      Excellent, I would highly recommend.

      Manager , Liverpool City Council

      Very interesting and informative. Pacy and kept my interest. Day went very quickly. Well run and lots to take home and think about not as scary as it sounds.

      Head of Customer Service, BTC

      Really useful and engaging, fun and enjoyable. Will take away some useful techniques it gave me more confidence. Not stressful.

      Business Intelligence Officer, BASC

      Very helpful and informative. Calming, well designed. Provides great guidance.

      Assistant Business Intelligence Officer, BASC

      Excellent, a very enjoyable day. Definitely worth doing. It's a subject that people worry about, but the trainers made you feel relaxed and comfortable.

      Comms and Event Manager, The Caravan Club

      Good, interesting new way for me to look at my issues with presenting. Core Psychology of nerves and anxiety when presenting.

      Manager, SI Group UK Ltd

      Excellent and very helpful. I thought it was very helpful in calming my nerves I thought the content was fantastic and had me engages at all times. Both Shona and Michelle had a lovely demeanour that helped you feel at ease.

      Chemist , Tremco Illbruck

      Very enjoyable insight into understanding how to be a good public speaker. Warm and friendly environment, excellent content well communicated.

      Director , Wire Electric Supplies

      Very informative with useful tips and positive feedback to help you overcome nerves.


      Really good- helpful by everyone being very open and receptive to feedback. 101 in tips and tricks to make presenting better for you. You're better than you think!

      Head of Business Assurance, Southern Housing Group

      Really informative. Some things I knew but refreshed my thinking. Its a lovely environment to share your feelings and what you get nervous about. Everyone feelings similar nerves!

      L&D Manager , Cineworld

      Good! Nice techniques, good practice. Nice facilitators and course tutors. Good practice and food for thought to improve on presenting skills.

      Head of Operational Finance, Southern Housing Group

      I thought it was brilliant, extremely informative and engaging. Wasn't bored once!Engaging, inviting and so worthwhile. I've been on a few courses over the years and this was one of the best.

      Exhibition Account Manager, Digital Cinema Media

      Very good training with good tips and structure. Very good.

      Events and Sales, INTU

      Very useful. Has made me a much more confident presenter. Definitely take a lot of techniques from it. Informative relaxed and useful.

      Senior ACC Manager, INTU

      Really useful, lots of techniques to practice. Lots of feedback to work on. There is a lot of content and the course covers a variety of techniques to prepare, as well as techniques to use whilst presenting.

      Product Developer, Talking Tables

      Excellent, reassuring, not as nerve wracking as I had anticipated. Really beneficial, excellent tips and confidence building.

      Deputy CEO, Skills for Growth

      Really informative with great techniques to claim nerves and make you feel more confident.

      Customer Service Manager, Denplan Simply Health Professionals

      Brilliantt, I liked you split us into groups. I know its a scary thought but YOU MUST DO IT- it was superb!

      Supervisor, SImply Health

      It was fantastic! Really engaging and exceeded my expectations and I would truly recommend this course. Putting the skills into practice really helps take the first steps an anxious presenter would require. It was also great to meet people with the same fear! If you need a course to help give you the skills to become a confident presenter this is perfect for you!

      Customer Experience Coordinator

      The course covers techniques to use to help eliminate or minimise nerves when presenting which was perfect for my needs and gave me the confidence to deliver presentations in my new role.

      Training and Standards Manager, Midcounties Cooperative Society

      Useful tips and techniques.

      Performance Officer, Stafford BC

      Excellent! I feel more confident. Trainer was brilliant at calming nerves. Great to know other members felt the same.Well worth it- would recommend.

      Housing options team leader, Stafford BC

      Very good. Great tips for feeling less nervous for presentations.

      Excellent. A very safe environment to learn and improve presentation skills. Lots of practical tips. Knowledgeable and thoughtful trainers.

      Transformation Programme Manager

      Really useful with some great tips.

      Commercial Manager

      Good course and well presented by the trainers. It's a good course for a grounding in how to approach presenting if you are a nervous and inexperienced presenter.

      Amazing, very confidence boosting. Lots of positive tips and feedback. I am glad I am not the only one. I definitely encourage others to attend as it gives a variety of tops for different areas.


      Very good for all levels of confidence. Helpful content and resources. Practical session and the feedback was very useful.

      Biomedical Scientist

      Excellent. Good pace, very relevant. Covers all aspects of presentation skills, provides some great easy tips.

      Credit Director

      Well structured course with clear objectives. Following initial feedback from participants, trainers were quick to adapt course to suit. The course provides practical tips to help and avoids getting stuck in theory. Shona and Julie were friendly and competent leaders and put me at ease Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

      Commercial Manager, BBC Worldwide

      Excellent course which gave me plenty to think about. Essential for anyone who has to or wants to make presentations but thinks they are not doing them as well as they could.

      Finance Director

      I found it really informative and very helpful.

      HR Advisor

      Excellent. Good interaction, accurate content. Good learning experience.

      Manufacturing Co-ordinator

      Excellent. Tools to improve confidence in presentation skills in a safe environment.

      Biomedical Scientist

      Great session. Informative and engaging. Has lots of practical, hands on tools and techniques.

      Marketing Director

      Excellent. Full of skills, took away tools. Individually beneficial, confidence boosting. The day went really fast.

      Head of Department

      Excellent approach and tools. Great feedback and confidence building. Worth the effort even with the nerves.

      IT Consultant

      Excellent, although at first I thought it was going to be a difficult thing to do. The feedback was so helpful and has given me much more confidence.

      Managing Director

      Excellent, very interactive. Pushed me well into stretch and into my "panic zone" which I think was great to happen in a safe space. It was a safe space to learn about delivering excellent presentations and practice, whilst receiving developmental feedback.

      Practice Supervisor

      Very useful, good techniques. Useful tips and practical exercises for overcoming fears of presenting. Would have liked more practice opportunities but that would probably need more than one day.

      Marketing Manager

      Excellent. It made appreciate that I was not alone! It does what it says on the tin.

      Operations Director

      A good day. Has given me the confidence to do better presentations.

      Marketing Manager

      Very good tips, practical and helpful. Has definitely given me more confidence. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels nervous about presenting.

      Director of Talent

      Very helpful. It gave me an opportunity to consider different tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles I've experienced in this area.

      Regional Director

      Really good. Found it very helpful. Practical, it pushes you to be in your uncomfortable zone, which is what you need.


      Was great, it made feel more positive about presenting.

      Accounts Manager

      Very helpful with some great honest advice and tips for the future. Very good trainers. Well worth attending, you will not be the only one who will be nervous!

      Head of Finance

      A really good training session that focuses on increasing your confidence through practical solutions so that you can be a more effective presenter.

      Housing Manager

      Learnt lots, now more confident, more prepare to put together a sales pitch an conference presentation. Lots of points like learning to breathe, eye contact, body movement, humour and agendas. If you are nervous about how to do a speech or sales presentation, or want to learn how to put together a complete sales talk, this is the course for you.

      Sales Director

      Good course for those who are nervous about public speaking and or presenting. Also for those who feel they are not so nervous.


      Very informative and reassuring. Presented in a professional and friendly manner. Very informative with some great advice and tops to help put our nerves at ease.


      It was really, really good. Shona and Jill did their utmost to make us comfortable and the information was extremely useful. A great way to start the journey to overcome your fear of presenting.

      Scrum Master

      Very useful course. I learnt a lot about presentations eg body language, voice, words etc.

      , North Bristol Hospital

      I really enjoyed the course. I thought the presenter were excellent and really put us at ease. The course introduces you to techniques to improve confidence when presenting and allow you to practice in a friendly environment.

      Product Manager

      Very informative. Lots of information deliver in a very friendly and accessible way. Lots of tips and tools to take away. A very informative, practical and enjoyable course.

      Programme Manager

      I thoroughly enjoyed the event, content, practical exercises. Small group of 7 which was just right. Will definitely help me on return to the business. If you are considering this course, go for it. I felt sick at the thought, but I put myself on it as I had a development area. The trainers put you at ease and all colleagues in the same position. Nerves disappear quickly.

      Senior Manager Customer Contact

      Interactive, opportunities to practice in a safe environment. Very helpful and honest feedback and a set of tools and strategies to take home. The course is very grounded and practical and incredibly helpful.

      Divisional Director

      Excellent. Shona and Mark are very engaging, knowledgeable and supportive. Ticked all the boxes for my objectives. Interactive, informative and worth every penny.

      Senior Contracts Manager

      Really helpful techniques to tackle nerves. If you are not keen on giving presentations, this is the course for you. Techniques and skills to overcome nerves and build confidence.

      Contract Manager

      Excellent training course, providing some clear strategies for controlling feelings of anxiety and enabling the delivery of a confident presentation.


      Very useful techniques, safe environment. Also seeing other nervous people who come across as very confident whilst presenting was interesting. If nerves is an issue, this is a good course to attend.

      It was really helpful, possibly the best training I've attended! Useful, practical strategies, feedback and discussions. Hugely beneficial. Really helped with my perception of my presentation abilities.

      Deputy Headteacher

      Very good course that has given me something to think about regarding my presentation skills. I found the techniques on how to relax and stop the nerves useful, made me more confident.

      Operations Manager

      Excellent, half day learning and half day practical is a balanced and good mix. I would have liked a small bit on powerpoint content in one of the am sessions. Excellent course and great facilitators.

      Head of Talent and Resourcing

      If it was cheaper I'd have given it a 5. Prep pack was useful.

      Assistant Director, NHS England

      Excellent course

      People Solutions Lead

      Very good

      Head of HR, St Cuthberts Hospice

      I found it very useful and interesting. I admit I wasn't looking forward to it but the speaker made the day very interesting and insightful. I was brought out of my comfort zone a little and learned great techniques I can now put into practice.

      Solicitor, Homeserve

      Good reality check for me, and I found the techniques given to be useful.

      Ent. Sales Manager, Vision

      With the speaker being approachable, open and trusting a great environment was created and it made the event relaxed and open.

      Group HR Director

      Inspiring and extremely helpful. The speaker gave honest and constructive feedback, and found that the techniques were easy to learn and apply.

      Very helpful, really found the techinques for anxiety and the feedback very useful. Our speaker was knowledgeable, professional, and excellent with people.

      , Mayday Trust

      This was exactly what I needed. The speaker was engaging with the group and clearly wanted to help and engage on an individual level. I returned knowing techniques for calming myself and the confidence to speak.

      , Volvo Finance

      Met my objectives for managing anxiety. The pace and content from the facilitator was good, and there were some great suggested tools.

      Contracts & Development Manager, NHS Basseltow CCG

      Fantastic - I came out thinking I CAN present! Both trainers were brilliant, made the day less daunting and knew their stuff. I feel I've learned a lot from them.

      Marketing Officer

      Good structure. There were some key techniques that I will remember.

      Category Manager

      Scary when I received the pre-course work but very well delivered and some really good tips for development. I found the sections on handling nerves, appearing confidence and the elevator pitch most useful.

      Principal Officer

      Good very informative and interactive. Probably could have been a 2 day course because I am sure the trainers have a lot more ideas they could share to support others.

      HR Director

      I enjoyed the time to think about how I present information. I would recommend this course.

      I'm going to be taking away many things from today. Thank you.

      PLA, Cambridgeshire County Council

      Excellent, good balance between practical and theory. The facilitators were terrific! Supportive, encouraging and an ocean of knowledge when it comes to these matters.

      Head of Pathology

      Very positive, relaxed atmosphere considering how nervous most candidates were with the subject. Pitched at a comfortable level, never felt intimidated by subject matter or exercises.

      Financial Services Manager

      Really good. Not as frightening as I'd thought. Some really good tips about signposting, timing, relaxation and simple ways to prepare.

      Assistant Headteacher, Marlbrook Primary School

      Very comprehensive and helpful.

      Principal Planning Officer, Staffordshire County Council

      Excellent. Really helpful advice.

      Service Manager, OCC

      Very good, good content, confidence building. Both facilitators were excellent.

      Head of Store System

      Great course. All of it was useful and well-delivered. Thank you!


      Early Intervention Service Manager

      Excellent. Good content that I can take away and use. Interactive and informative and will be beneficial. Really enjoyed it, and I was dreading it. Most useful sessions were breathing techniques, feedback after presentation and overcoming nerves.

      Operations Director

      Excellent, gave me the confidence and knowledge to improve my presentation skills. The whole day was very good and well-structured.

      , London Borough of Bexley

      Lovely trainer, very empathetic. Really safe environment.

      Really good. Both facilitators were excellent at getting us to drop our guard and start sharing. Really positive overall. Only thing I would have added in is going back to people's objectives to check the were met.

      , MWB

      Really good, learnt a lot. Both facilitators were excellent and made you feel comfortable.

      , London Borough of Brent

      Very good. Well structured, good timing, good facilitators. Coffee supply excellent! It was a good course which I was reluctant to attend but thoroughly enjoyed.

      Science Programme Manager

      Very good, informative and welcoming. Excellent trainers, makes you feel confident and not stressed.

      Community Safety Project Officer, LB Brent

      Very impressed. Shona and Caroline worked well together. The group was about the right size and a good mix. Shona was very open and approachable and enthusiastic. Her advice was honest but at all times constructive.

      , Uttlesfield Distric Council

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