Performance Management is not Bullying

Understand what bullying is and what it isn't so you can manage performance fairly and robustly.

Tue 19 Mar 2019 9:30am - 4:30pm Birmingham
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  Maple House, 150 Corporation Street, Birmingham B46TB

Award winning conference, training and meeting venue located in Corporation Street, Birmingham.


*Two delegates £480.00 per delegate.
All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.

Rated by 114 delegates


Genuine bullying is a serious problem, as is the fear that managing poor or under performance will be construed as bullying or harassment

Managers and leaders are often concerned by the difference between reasonable management actions and bullying. The result can be that workplace underperformance may not managed and productivity suffers, as managers worry about being cited in a bullying and harassment claim.

There are many different perceptions of what bullying and harassment is and if not resolved promptly and effectively it can be damaging and costly. 

This workshop focusses on understanding what bullying is and isn't and provides you with the skills and confidence to robustly address performance problems and successfully manage conflict situations

We will focus on recognised models and will apply that with a really practical focus to give you tools, techniques and skills that you can use immediately in your workplace. You will leave the day with a clear action plan on how to utilise your learning within your organisation.

What you'll learn

  • Definitions and characteristics of robust performance management and bullying and harassment
  • The requirements of The Law on you as a manger in relation to capability management and the management of dignity at work policies, which includes bullying and harassment
  • Understanding how conflict is triggered and the human emotions and reactions to changes in situation/circumstance
  • How to performance manage whilst mitigating the risk of a bullying claim
  • How to ‘frame' a developmental conversation which delivers performance conversations in a firm, fair and balanced manner
  • Practical ways to prevent bullying and unfair accusations of bullying
  • Greater awareness of personal styles and the impact this may have on others
  • Dealing with claims of bullying and managing the aftermath 

Who is it for?

  • Managers who would like to understand more about how they can support the reduction of bullying (perceived or genuine) in their organisation
  • Line Managers who manage performance and want to do so in a way that mitigates any risk of bullying and harassment claims
Tue 19 Mar 2019 9:30am - 4:30pm Birmingham
ETC VenuesAddress

  Maple House, 150 Corporation Street, Birmingham B46TB

Award winning conference, training and meeting venue located in Corporation Street, Birmingham.


*Two delegates £480.00 per delegate.
All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.

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Your facilitator

Joanne Spencer

Joanne Spencer of Infinite You Limited works with organisations to deliver inspiring and empowering change management, strategic leadership and people development programmes which maximise potential and make sustainable improvements to individual, team and organisational performance. She brings with her a proven track record in embedding cultural change and organisational transformation within a variety of ‘blue chip' organisations within the retail, health, pharmaceutical, local and central government, schools and universities, charities, engineering and hospitality sectors.

Her experience as an NLP Master Practitioner, Programme Manager, facilitator and experienced coach in such varied and complex organisations gave her a taste for personal and professional development, and it's a passion that has stayed with her ever since!

Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

Very informative and enjoyable. Very helpful for managers. Provides a great tool box for your performance management.

Director of HR

Excellent. Lots of good examples of what and what not to do.

Consultant, NHS

It was uplifting and full of worthwhile information. Something that will leave you motivated and looking forward to get back to the office to apply what you have learnt.

Senior Policy Manager

Great just what I needed. Get enrolled.

Strategy and Policy Advisor

Very informative and enjoyable. Very helpful for managers. Provides a great tool box for your performance management.

Director of HR

Excellent. Lots of good examples of what and what not to do.

Consultant, NHS

It was uplifting and full of worthwhile information. Something that will leave you motivated and looking forward to get back to the office to apply what you have learnt.

Senior Policy Manager

Great just what I needed. Get enrolled.

Strategy and Policy Advisor

Really great. Good frameworks discussed and pitched at the right level. Principles of good management and ways to think about difficult conversations.

, HM Treasury

It was excellent. Good framework for understanding management responsibilities. It is helpful for more difficult conversations.

, HM Treasury

Very good and realistic. Honest and gave me new things to think about. Good training focused on how to avoid things going wrong and how to manage if they do.

, HM Treasury

Very good. Nice balance of theory and practical application. How to balance organisational, manager and employee rights and obligations.

, HM Treasury

A goo time to reflect on how I talk about performance and a good warning/guide about what to do in difficult poor performance cases. Interesting with some useful takeaways.

, HM Treasury

Helpful tips and frameworks, especially for managing poor performers. Good for basics of management and understanding the importance of law, policy and processes.

, HM Treasury

Useful tips for structuring performance discussions - particularly the 'prove' model and using gap analysis to get individuals to identify their own development.

Policy Adviser, HM Treasury

It made me think about Performance Management in a different way and gave me more confidence to start the process when needed. Easy to understand, interesting, enjoyable and practical. It provoked conversations and we discussed particular cases and possible outcomes.

Operations Team Leader

Clear, concise, well presented with everything a new manager needs to know. Vital for people managers to gain info and guidance on this sensitive subject.

Charitable Operations Team Manager

Very good and informative. Brought scenarios to life with relevance rather than just text book learning. A worthwhile and interesting look at performance management in the real world.

Press and PR Manager

Very informative with good hints and tips. Well worth it lots to think about.

Finance Team Leader

I wish I'd had this training 10 months ago. So much I didn't know that I could have referred to. Do it! Gets you prepared and filled in some of the gaps I didn't know were missing.

Team Leader

Positive, engaging and informative. Well worth the time, great for development.

IT Ops and Security Manager

Brilliant, met all our criteria but also gave an opportunity for us to share experiences. I feel o much better after today. If you are a manager or thinking about managing people you should do this course.

Marketing Manager

Very good overall, really good to step out and think outside of work and share ideas with other industry professionals.

Superb, excellent pace. Good breadth. Utterly practical and relevant. A well thought through blend of example, theory and practise. Lots of food for thought and clear take away messages and tips.

Dean of Engineering

Well presented. Good insight in the processes and pitfalls of performance management with some helpful tools.

Managing Director

Excellent, informative, good food. Good for sharing knowledge.

, Oxford University

Very interactive. Great help from colleagues in room. Convenient location and great food. Helpful.

Excellent very broad and immensely helpful. An excellent opportunity to reflect of duties as a manager. Meet other managers and hear approaches.

, DLD College

Excellent, provocative, great group to learn with and from. It'll make you think reflective but also practical problem solving.

Head of, University of Essex

Very good, I felt Jo was an excellent presenter - some very good ideas.Essential for anyone who will or has experienced performance/disciplinary management.

Deputy Service Manager , NHS

Excellent, some really useful tools and techniques to put into practice in my job.

Team Leader

Very good I found the following helpful, group discussions and case studies, an interactive workshop.

Assistant Director, Local Government

Informative, very attuned to groups needs - allowed examples to be given and restructured flow accordingly. - EngagingIt will give you an insight into what performance management is, the affects of it and different ways to approach it.

Learning and Development, HSL Chairs

Excellent, very helpful facilitation of discussions, materials and booklet.

Very good, great to have people, from different sectors and backgrounds together.

General Manager, Automotive Components

Good recap on understanding and process.

Retail Operations Manager

Very informative, interactive, brought to life, extremely valuable

Senior Team Leader , Environment Agency

Thought provoking but pragmatic and real. Experience and example led.Shared theory and provided tools but didn't pretend it was easy.Refreshing provision of space to think.

Team Leader, Environment Agency

Very insightful and allowed me to reflect on my practice. Provides good insight into how to manage others.

Senior Sports Worker

Excellent, well presented, knowledgeable trainer, valuable tools.

Senior Engagement Officer

Very useful, practical.

, London Borough of Hackney

Very good I have learned new skills and tools in how to manage my teams. I would advise others to attend.

Voids Manager

Excellent, very useful on managing staff.

, London Borough of Hackney

Informative. Useful and worthwhile.

Water Services Manager

Really good, very informative and engaging.




Very informative.

Technical Services Manager

The best course I have been on in recent months ( and I have been on a lot lately!) Lots of very useful techniques and practical examples. Good flow, energetic trainer. A very useful course for anyone managing staff.

Project Manager

Trainer was very engaging and helpful. I like the fact that we can contact her for further advice. Excellent course that will equip me with simple tools to deal with difficult conversations.


Targeted, interesting and productive. Useful for learning methods for handling conflict and creating a structure for promoting individual development.

Senior Policy Advisor

Excellent. Especially the discussions to bring home the points. A must attend course for all managers.

Programme Manager

An engaging and insightful session with some key lessons that I will put into practice. Joanne in particular was excellent in her delivery.

Head of Payments

Very informative fun, engaging. Lots of key learnings.

Senior Policy Advisor

It was helpful, the focus on practical frameworks and tools was helpful.

Senior Policy Advisor

Very good, flexible to the needs of the group which was less about poor performance management than performance development.

Head of Prudential Banking

Useful, both in the situation where I could have a performance management issue and for everyday work.

Head of Consumer Debt

It was awesome, learned quite a lot of new things. Engaging and informative.

Policy Advisor

Although many of the techniques and approaches covered are not new, it's good to examine them and think about how they can be used more effectively.

Senior Policy Advisor

Very interactive, keeps you engaged. Enabled reflection without too much hand holding. Engaging course that enables you to reflect on your management style.

Policy Advisor

Very valuable, with some helpful practical techniques that will make me a more effective manager. Not what I would have expected before attending, in a really positive way. Packed full of practical examples and with a well balanced amount of explanation and interactivity.

Head of Competitiveness

Very useful. Good presenting style and examples

Head of Housing Transformation

Informative, practical.

, Begears Group ltd.

Well set up, interactive and tailored to the group's needs. Enough information balanced with break out activities.

L & D Manager, Westminster Abey

Great mix of delegates and experience. Jo was knowledgeable on her subject for the day but also her background gave gravitas and credibility to the subjects she covered.For managers and HR professionals it s a useful learning and knowledge sharing experience.

HR Case Consultant

Really good. Really useful practices.

Head of HR, St Basils

Very useful to remind us of impact on individuals, both staff and manages. Be kind to the person- hard on the issue.

Head of Health and Wellbeing and Case management , West Midlands Police

Very Good. Thought provoking. Some very useful models.

HR Manager, KAZ minerals

Helpful. Useful insights into difficult topic.

Head of MS

Highly informative.

Housing Option Manager, London Borough of Bromley

Found it very helpful and useful.

Housing Options Manager, LB Bromley

Really positive input with some useful techniques and tools to take back to line managers.

Service Lead, West Midlands Police

Useful overview of subject area.

Deputy Head Manager

Excellent enjoyed listening to other people experience. I have come away with some really good ideas and models to use.Well worth the money.

Team Leader, Environment Agency

Really helpful and interesting. Great for new managers and those who need refreshment in managing difficult people.

Operations Manager for Research Administration, University of Oxford

Excellent! Great Facilitator. Lots of ideas and interaction. Highlights the need to be honest with yourself an how you deal with line management. You need to be prepared to share examples and experiences to get the most out of the day.Everything has been excellent from booking to venue to course.

Head of Administration and Finance, University of Oxford

Really useful, practical advice, theory and support that will help me be a a more robust manager.

Consultant Social Worker

Brilliant, very illuminating, lots of tools, it can make team productivity better

Consultant Social Worker

Great, very informative, well paced. Useful for anyone in management or planning to go into management.

Practice Development Manager

Very informative, makes you think, empowering and interesting.

Team Leader

Very informative. Lots of experiences were shared by other managers. The course is well structured and provides good understanding of how performance can be managed.

Property Sales Team Leader

Informative, engaging, sharing of experiences was good. Lots of good models to refer to.

Operations Manager

Very informative, appreciated shared experiences.

, London Borough of Hackney

It was all very interesting and useful, techniques in performance management and negating bullying. Excellent worth attending.

Team Leader

Interesting, makes you think about new ways of doing things, by listening to other people's ways. Worth attending.


Covered a wide scope of areas, excellent delivery, good information booklet containing techniques and tools to improve on performance management skills.

, London Borough of Hackney

Very good.

LAWT Supervisor

Very informative, very enjoyable.

Senior Admin Officer


General Manager

Very engaging and informative.

Excellent facilitator who adapted the pace and content appropriately to the group. Good overview of techniques to deal with bullying and harassment.

Really good. Appreciated the mix of knowledge and practical tips. An interactive and practical refresher for established managers and an introduction for new managers on a key topic.

Head of Financial Capital

Very good, good level of interaction and time to think through examples. Insightful.

Gave me a lot to think about and reflect on. Really well presented. Excellent. Go do it!

Senior Policy Advisor, HM Treasury

Engaging presenter. Good discussion.

, HM Treasury

Excellent, covered lots of important ground in an open and discursive way. Trainer was great, knowledgeable and approachable. Loads of techniques. Gives you lots of tools for effective management.

Head of Building Societies and Mutuals, HM Treasury

Thoughtful, concise well-tailored. Good intro and refresher on a tricky subject.

Head of Retail Banking

Thought provoking and well run. Engaging.

Head of Help to Buy

I thought it was very insightful and will reflect on it further.

Head of CCP

Thoughtful. Good to reflect on the issue. Nature of the topic is that there is no silver bullet but still useful.

Senior Policy Advisor

Thought provoking.

Policy Advisor

It was very helpful with useful practical tips. Informative.

Head of Financial Advice

Good mixture of learning and discussions.


Excellent, clear, fast paced, energetic. Useful techniques for managing difficult situations.

Head of Strategy

Great, I learned a lot about bullying and performance management. Gives you a basis on ow to manage performance better and understanding of bullying and harassment.

Head of Procedural Regulation, HMT

There were some really useful practical hints and tips which I will use. Some of the theory work was a bit too removed from the day-to-day to be implementable. A very useful refresher on the traps to avoid when managing performance.

Head of Mortgages Unit

Good, lots of tools to consider using for managing our own and team's performance. Fast-paced but comprehensive.

Senior Policy Advisor

Enjoyed it, useful, timely. Practical guide to thinking about how to deliver a healthy working environment and avoid bullying and harassment.

, HM Treasury

I think the course was delivered really well and definitely exceeded my expectations. There were a lot of useful techniques and theories that will enable me to manage more effectively and also be more conscious as a colleague and how I threat and communicate with others. Not just for managers!

Policy Advisor

Very helpful refresher on the tools and techniques. Good balance between group work and presentation. I would recommend it as a useful refresher.

Head of Financial Advice

Very good, broad coverage of this issue with multiple tools. Great approach to bullying in a practical course.

Deputy Director

Thought provoking, important issues, excellent.

Senior Policy Advisor

Very informative. Time to think about management skills away from demands of the day job. Practical, could transfer skills. Really useful insight.


A useful introduction. A good way to start reflecting on how to manage people and get the best out of them including understanding them as a person.

Policy Advisor

Good, covered lots of material in a short time. More than just bullying and harassment, going into wider performance management.


The session was good, especially in that it covered a lot of ground but did not feel rushed. I gained a lot of helpful ideas that I will implement in my management approach.

Private Secretary

It was better than I expected with some genuinely helpful concepts. Worth going to for anyone in a line management role.

Senior Policy Advisor

I thought it was good, clear and engaging. I thought the facilitator was excellent.

Senior Policy Advisor

Good, interesting, good pace. Wide ranging and interesting.


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