Finance for Non-Financial Directors

As a director are you always confident that you really understand the financial implications of your strategic decisions?

Rated by 180 delegates


As a director are you always confident that you really understand the financial implications of your strategic decisions?  Do you know how to scrutinise and question your annual accounts?  Do you feel sure when you sign off accounts that you've correctly understood how they were put together and the story they tell about your organisation's financial health?

Directors can't leave financial management to someone else.  You need enough of the fundamentals to ask the right questions and grasp the opportunities and challenges.

This practical and interactive workshop is designed exclusively for senior managers and directors to ensure that you leave able to conduct robust boardroom discussions about your company's financial reports.

What you'll learn

  • The duties and responsibilities of a director, particularly in regards to finance
  • The crucial distinction between management accounts and the statutory financial reports of a company
  • The purpose and layout of the balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • How different profit drivers impact the bottom line
  • The importance of liquidity
  • The impact of gearing on an organisation's returns
  • How to establish the financial health of a business using accepted financial ratios

Who is it for?

  • You want to be able take part knowledgeably and constructively in boardroom conversations focusing on finance
  • You need to understand the four pillars of finance - assets, liabilities, capital and revenue
  • You need to be able to evaluate the health of your business from its financial statements
  • You want to understand the concept of shareholder value more clearly
  • You want to understand the financial impact on the organisation of different strategic decisions
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Your facilitator

Sarah Hobbs

Sarah is the co-founder of Vondel Professional Development, and is an engaging and highly qualified business and training consultant who specialises in making finance easily comprehensible for non-financial professionals.  She has worked with a variety of clients across both the private and public sector including HMRC, Ince & Co, Wolseley, United Biscuits, PwC, Knight Frank, Mothercare, Nabarro, Norton Rose, BMJ Publishing and Barclays Bank. 

Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

Easily digestible, found and relevant given the fairly broad remit covered. Thoroughly recommend for anyone with financial responsibility at their organisation.

Property Direct , RIT Capital Partner

Morning was the most helpful in understanding the way P/L balance and finance accounts are put together. How to tell the story behind the figures. Useful for beginners involved in strategic analysis of company's financial wealth.


I found today very key and relevant to what I should know to drive my business forward. I have a good understanding of my P&L balance sheets. The course gives you a good straight forward way of understanding company finance.


Excellent, covered all aspects of financial reporting in a clear and concise way. Very worthwhile attending for clear information and easy to understand content.

Managing Director , Aptus Utilities

Easily digestible, found and relevant given the fairly broad remit covered. Thoroughly recommend for anyone with financial responsibility at their organisation.

Property Direct , RIT Capital Partner

Morning was the most helpful in understanding the way P/L balance and finance accounts are put together. How to tell the story behind the figures. Useful for beginners involved in strategic analysis of company's financial wealth.


I found today very key and relevant to what I should know to drive my business forward. I have a good understanding of my P&L balance sheets. The course gives you a good straight forward way of understanding company finance.


Excellent, covered all aspects of financial reporting in a clear and concise way. Very worthwhile attending for clear information and easy to understand content.

Managing Director , Aptus Utilities

Excellent, fun. Easy to grasp. Learnt far more than I thought I would. Very informative, easy to follow, thorough and well worth it.

Global Supply Chain Manager , Evone Ltd

Excellent, informative, pitched at the right level. Good energy and engaging. Good venue. This course really demystifies finance. Helps to understand company accounts and make judgements on business performance from numbers.

HR Director, Gather and Gather

Really enjoyable and interactive.

Very good. Extremely useful for de-mystifying financial accounting and the basics of company health.

Marketing Operations Manager

First class. Excellent course facilitator. You need some existing awareness, if this is the case it will be extremely worthwhile.


Great, learnt a lot! Good activities. Interactive and practical.

Head of Learning and Development

Excellent. Fantastic trainer. Very engaging and interactive. Thank you!

Operations Director

Very informative - clear and understandable information given. Fun and interesting. Very useful, good handouts.

Senior Operations Manager



Helpful. Informative, clear and fun.

Director of Distribution

Extremely good. Right level for participants. The course gives you a basic understanding of financial accounts.

Regional Operations Director

Very informative and stretching. The pace was right and I appreciated this being put into layman's terms. This will give you the insight you need to better understand how financial metrics inform us on long term and short term decision making.

HRD, Birds Eye Ltd

Informative, well paced, took plenty away from it. Sufficiently interactive and entertaining. Worthwhile to attend.

Director of Legal

Very good and excellent introduction to the P/L and balance sheet

Estates Support Manager, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

Found some concepts very hard but Sarah did a great job explaining them. Challenging but really informative and insightful.

Head of HR, RCNT

Good tutor but I found it hard to keep up at times. Discovered I did learn everything by the end. Fast paced general overview.

Head of Production, RCNT

Really enjoyed the course I have left more informed. Engaging, fun and challenging.

Business Unit Director, GDL

Very good and well presented. Very detailed and informative on all aspects of financial statements and balance sheets.

Head of Asset Property Management, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

Amazing. Very technical but learnt a lot regarding terminology. Be prepared to learn and enjoy your learning.

Managing Director , Thera (Scotland)

Excellent, presented well, easy to follow and great fun. Sarah was top draw. Vital for a non finance director.

Business Unit Director, Gregory Distribution Ltd

Really enjoyable for a finance session, useful way to understand company accounts and not boring.

Programme Co-ordinator, Oxford Policy Management

Enjoyed the day at the right level for me. A good insight into analysing and understanding what is behind balance sheet, profit and loss and the financial aspects for management.

Managing Director , Pandrol

Excellent, good content, transferable scenarios, great presenter. Good check on existing skills.

Director Business Support, Wolverhampton Homes

Excellent fun and informative. Don't be afraid, terminology is explained and it was good to work within a team.

Managing Director , Betts Metal Sales

Good day, covered a lot of topics, clear and concise. Balance sheets profit and loss for the inexperienced.

Team Director

Good and worthwhile.

Commercial Director, Gather and Gather

Interesting, informative, finance made easy to understand.

Head of Housing Partnerships , Cannock Chase District Council

Very useful and clearly explained. Provides understanding of basic concepts to know how a company perfoms financially.

Consultant, OPMP

Enlightened me in being prepared to question our accounts team and query any issues. Does what it say in the title, for directors who need to know.

MD, Maypine Construction Ltd

Really, really useful. Just do it it'll all make sense.

VP Curriculum, Cadbury College

Excellent, fun, easy to grasp. Learnt far more than I thought I would. Very informative easy to follow, thorough well worth it.

Global Supply Chain Manager , Evone Ltd

Excellent and engaging. At times too quick for me. A must for all non financial managers.

Head of HR, Abilitynet

Successfully demystified key areas of concern and was delivered in an engaging way. Very good overview of financial principals integral to any business.

Director, Urban Nerds

Excellent very thorough but engaging. Intermediate level finance for business director that gives food for thought.

Business Director, Urban Nerds

Enjoyable. I really like the interactive bits. A basic course in finance for people who don't work in finance.

Director, Proximity

Great, really helpful, insightful and great trainer.

Director, Major Players

Worthwhile, better understanding of P&L balance sheet.


Very useful, easy to follow, demystified a lot. I would describe as Financial statements for dummies.

Director, SSS

Very good, demystify's, I feel I can read a profit and loss balance sheet now.

Head of Customer Insight and Anaysis, QVC

Very good, real life, informative and easy to follow. Finance simplified in layman's terms.

Director, Major Players

Met my objectives well. Pacy and you cover a great deal without realising.

Executive Director, Peabody

Very useful, helpful if you want to understand profit/loss and balance sheet.

Global Head of Commercial

Very interesting I was out of my depth but managed to find much of it useful. Very intensive overview of business accounting and reporting, useful as a health check for business.

Deputy ECD, Proximity

Excellent presenter, excellent content. Worthwhile for any business manager.

Quality Director

Informative. Very interesting and it has increased my knowledge.

EHS Leader

Very interesting, informative and engaging. Essential to understand financial ins and outs of your company.

, Olsen Actuation UK LTD

Well informed, good pace. Well worth attending, clear and concise.

Direct of QA, Witherslack Group

Well balanced, much information learned enjoyably. Fun focused and practical.

Medical Executive Director, Dr Kershaws Hospice

Very good and informative. Great introduction to finance and profit and loss.

Head of Production, Mission Foods

Excellent informative and easy to follow. Helpful, gives the true story behind the figures.

Director of Clinical Services

Excellent course content, interesting case studies and involvement. Good introduction to finance clearly explaining the jargon, showing how to read the profit and loss balance sheet.

Managing Director , NSG Environmental

Very helpful and insightful. So useful definitely worth it.

A & A Lead, Exeter Council

Very good, good pace, content and class size. If you don't like numbers but need to understand financial statements and management accounts then this is the course for you.

Group Risk and Compliance Director , Vodafone

Excellent training session. Covered a lot but divided into manageable sections. Sarah was very approachable and engaging even if the topic can be dry at times. If you want to know more key elements of accounting principals in two days then this is the course for you.

Head of Legal , Shawbrook Bank Ltd

Very good. Great trainer.

Production Manager

I thought it was very useful and was full of really good information. An excellent overview of finance practices, processes and jargon busting.

Strategic Product Development Manager, The Caravan Club

Informative and presented in an easy and simple manner to understand. Great to refresh previous knowledge good mix of theory and practicals. A must attend for all non-financial managers

Head of Marketing , The Caravan Club

Very good. Very interesting, informative trainer like her way of delivering the course. Helping you to have an insight/ability into reading and understanding P&L accounts and helping understand basic financial jargon.

Deputy Manager , The Caravan Club

Very good, well structured and focused on P&L and balance sheet which was a requirement of mine for the course. Informative and enjoyable. Engaging and not how I thought a finance course would be.

Creative Director

Very informative and I feel that I learned a great deal. A very worthwhile training day enabling you to gain many useful insights.

Head of Language Centre , Goldsmiths University of London

Excellent, very beneficial for my needs. The title of the course describes it perfectly. Tutor was very knowledgeable and engaging.

Operations Director

Informative to help understand terminology.


Very good with practical examples and at the right pace for the audience. All you need to know in a day!


Excellent. Met and exceeded expectations. Well-presented. Well worth it, a must.

Managing Director

Great, good pace and level.


Excellent, very informative. Good pitch and pace. Excellent, engaging and interesting. Well worth doing, demystifies accounting.

Director of Gallery Development

Really good. Very interesting and worthwhile to attend. I would definitely recommend.

Sales Manager

It was a well presented and paced course. Unfortunately I didn't get out of the course what I came for, Sarah suggested that day 2 may have been more suitable.

Strategic Business Manager

Excellent, very well organised with great case studies and activites to back up the theory. A must do.

Director of Learning and Engagement

Fantastic. Really helpful and accessible for group members at all levels. Useful to challenge some of the fears around discussing financial matters

Director of Cinema

I have thoroughly enjoyed today's training and have been fully engaged throughout the day. I believe I have learnt a lot. I would highly recommend the course. It was enjoyable, informative and of great use. Sarah did a fantastic job of delivering the training.

Works Director

Great fun and engaging. Has helped me to understand and demystify accounts. I liked learning about the key questions to ask and the rations. Fun and practical.


Very helpful. I feel much more confident already. Would like to spend more time loking at ratios and various sectors to understand more about how to use them in practice. Helpful, myth-busting, helps cut through the jargon, practical.

Chief Data Officer

My aim was to learn sufficient to question (appropriately and correctly) our financial controller. I feel that I'll be able to do that.

Commercial Director

A very well run workshop. Pitched at the right level and interesting throughout. Good to build on existing knowledge.

Managing Director

Engaging, interesting and gave me a further insight.


Just enough detail, engaging presenter and good atmosphere. Would recommend to colleagues.

Head of IT

Very appropriate for the level of the audience, enjoyed the content and delivery. Worthwhile, fills in the blanks and reinforces what you probably knew.

UK Director

Very well presented. Good knowledge and kept to the key core subjects. Related back to everyday situations. A brief and concise look into the key aspects of P&L and balance sheets.

Operations Director

Excellent. Lots of information to go away and digest. We moved apace throughout the day which I liked. Having information to take away helps. Great overview and high level, just pitched at the right level for directors.


Excellent. Excellent explanations.


Excellent, interactive and engaging. Pitched at the correct level.

Operations Director

Very good, informative, engaging. Good presenter, knowledgeable.

Commercial Director

Excellent- really engaging presenter who made complex information understandable and relatable. I've learnt a lot. Very worthwhile hard work but that meant I got a lot out of it. Case studies and exercises were helpful put it all in context.

Assistant Director, Last Foundation

Really enjoyed the day. Great content and delivery.Essential for any business person looking to understand the health of a company.

Sales Director, Bauder

Really enjoyed it. Learned a lot form it. Went through ratios a bit too quickly- was a bit confusing, I see that some of the ratios are important for my finances.Well worth attending. Some prior knowledge would be useful. Small group numbers is good.

Company Director, Hattons Model Railway ltd

I thought it was excellent generally, I was out of my depth at one section (all different ratios) but other than that I was fully engaged interested and learning.Possibly too detailed at some points. Probably the best course I have attended in terms of trainer

Excellent preferred the morning as could have done with more time. Enjoyed the case studies. Good combination of theory and practical application.

VP, Agility

Informative good knowledge of tutor

Manager, EMI

Informative and well delivered . Worth attending.

Director, EMI

Excellent. Very well presented.Very detailed and informative. Really useful.

Projects director, EMI

Excellent. HAnds on with great use of real life case studies to aid learning.

Marketing Director, Jackson Barrett and Gass

Great. Really enjoyed the case studies. Really helpful to logically consolidate financial grasp especially pol and balance sheets

NED, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust

Good pace. Able to be open and honest. Gives you confident in language around numbers. Able to communicate confidently on subject

, Gather & Gather

Genuinely a very informative and engaging course. Very well presented throughout.A no-nonsense overview of entirely relevant financial information.

Sales manager, Stora Enso

Very good. Trainer has a great friendly style, very knowledgeable. Afternoon pace was slightly rushed but was ok. Coped with varying class abilities very well.Covers all the key areas you need to understand the performance behind the figures.

Director, ARUP

Excellent. Demystified terminology. Helped me focus on what is important ie ratios.Felt able to question without embarrassment.

CEO, Origin

Really helpful in getting a better understanding of finance and how the numbers worked. Well explained with helpful use of examples.

Director of HR, RAPT

Good information, delivery and pace. Ideal for a novice/intermediate person involved in business

Sales Director, Stora Enso

Really informative. Safe environment. Really useful non threatening. Not too much emphasis on the math.

Group HRD

Good, able to do things at the end that I didn't think I could do.Practical hands on journey demystifies the world of financial and management accounts

Marketing Director, Jagermeister

Helpful overview. Quite fast moving for a novice. Learned from others who are more experienced but needs to try it out more slowly.Helps you feel braver.

Director of research, NFOR

Very Good. Pitched at a good level and good balance of listening and practical.It was helpful wither as a refresher of if you think you know very little and to boost your confidence with numbers.

COO, Shawbrook

Enjoyed the day and level of context- pitched at the right level for me. Very informative and understandable.

Sales Director, Bauder WD

Excellent, right level, well-placed. Points to what is important enabling you to interrogate intelligently.

Vice Principal, Alberta University

Really useful. As part of my role I need to start reviewing more company accounts. I can now feel confident I can work through them. Delivered excellently by Sarah.


Excellent, engaging and very relevant. Good mix of slides and worked examples. Covers basic level to level required to interpret balance sheets and spot problems before they happen.

Sales Director

Although quite a lot of areas were covered, I feel more confident looking at balance sheets and accounts.


Informative, detailed enough, enjoyable. A dummies guide to financial and management accounts.

Managing Director

Insightful, good pace, similar knowledge base in group was helpful.

Executive Director

Informative, engaging and gave me clearer understanding. Thought provoking an sets out clear definitions and uses pictures to clearly set out learning

Associate Commercial Manager

It wasn't what I was expecting, it was more interactive.


Very good. Interactive, informative, intense.

Director of Customer Service

Informative an easy to understand. an

Production Director

Illuminating and well pitched. Accessible.

Creative Director

Very clear and helpful. I learnt a lot. Enjoyed hearing SMT colleagues thoughts and perspectives. An idiot's guide to understanding P&L and management accounts.

Director of Production

Really enjoyed the course, good pace, relevant, easy to understand. Very useful for understanding P&L and Balance Sheet, and what questions you need to know and answer in order to understand/interrogate the state of a company's finances.

Commercial Director

Illuminating. Sarah was engaged and human.

Managing Director

Well organised & comprehensive.

Global Product Manager, Evone Ltd

It covered lots of key topics in finance. Learned quite a lot of interesting finance topics.

ERP Administrator, Evone Ltd

Good. It gave me some good insight into how the CFO makes their decisions with regards to budgets.

Test Manager, Evone Ltd

Very helpful.

Global Product Manager, Evone Ltd

Excellent, enjoyable & relevant.

TRG Manager

Very useful. Refresher on things forgotten as well as new information. Good for everyone to get on the same page.

Software Manager, Evone Ltd

Good. Lots of topics covered to give a good understanding of principles and practices involved.

H/W Manager, Evone Ltd

Excellent & fun! Easy to grasp and learned even more than expected.

Global Supply Chain Manager, Evone Ltd

Very good.

Production Manager

Great training & learned a lot of very useful information I can use moving forwards. Enjoyable.

Sales Manager, Evone Ltd

Interesting and informative. Really enjoyed it.

Digital Manager

Gained lots of relevant information.

Ecommerce Manager, The Caravan Club

Very informative. A good introduction session for a beginner. The use of practical application was very beneficial.

eCommerce Executive, The Caravan Club

Good refresher.

Strategic Product Development Manager, The Caravan Club

Thought it was very useful and full of very good information.

Strategic Product Development Manager, The Caravan Club

Very informative and engaging.

Commercial Executive, The Caravan Club

Lots of information, good coverage.

Commercial Partnerships Executive

Informative & presented in an easy and simple manner to understand. Good to refresh previous knowledge. Great mix of theory & practice.

Head of Marketing, The Caravan Club

Very good. Interesting, informative trainer. Liked their way of delivering the course.

Deputy Manager Emergency Services, The Caravan Club

Interesting & upbeat.

Contact Centre Manager, The Caravan Club

Good. Gave a very clear overview. Good pace.

Contact Centre Manager, The Caravan Club

Informative, interesting & useful.

CCM, Coronon Club

Gave a good background & helped with my understanding of finance.

Head of Commercial, Qualvis Print & Packaging Ltd

The trainer's delivery made the content interesting and relevant with sufficient depth, pace & energy to keep everyone engaged.

Managing Director, CB Partnership

Very good. Case studies helpful for theory and understanding.

Marketing Director, 25L

Excellent, well delivered with good case studies and relation to personal experience.

Regional Operations Director, Punch Travels

Very informative, a difficult subject made interesting.

Head of Operations, MacIntyre

Informative and relevant. Has increased my knowledge.

Head of Operations

Very good, well structured & focused on P&L and balance.

Creative Director

Excellent, informative and pitched at the right level. Good energy, good venue & engaging.

HR Director, Gather & Gather

Relevant. Good overview.

Director Service Delivery

Very informative & I feel that I learned a great deal.

Head of Language Centre, Goldsmiths, University of London

Excellent overview.

Assistant Head of Corporate Secretariat, Vodafone

Excellent, very informative & detailed.

Sales and Marketing Director, Gather & Gather

Very useful and insightful.


Excellent. Good to get a view from the other side.


Very good. Practical, insightful.

Product Engineer

Great interactive session. Basic to expert in just one day!

Executive Director Customer Service

Very useful, interesting and gained a lot. Very worthwhile and good for understanding terminology.

Implementation Director

Enjoyed the sessions. good info and particularly enjoyed the interactive parts, learning about other companies.

Very good. Lots of hands on examples.

Software Development Director

Very good, interesting. Good but bring your own accounts as you will want to look at them.

Managing Director

Great. Myth busting. Good environment to ask "daft" questions.

Deputy CFO

Very informative. Well worth it.


Excellent. Very user friendly approach to demystifying finance terms jargon and accounts documents.

Managing Director

Very good. Worthwhile, focused on balance sheets.

Field Sales Manager

Very good. Very good intro to understanding P&L and balance sheets of annual accounts statements.


Very informative, good pace well led. Relaxed atmosphere. Good use of exercises, powerpoint and flipcharts. An excellent overview of the top line financial management.

Managing Director

Very useful, great trainer, very engaging, great resources. Great refresher for people that have done business accounting before. Gives a solid grounding in the basic principles of analysing accounts.

Business Manager

Very good, delivered what was described at the beginning of the day.

Consultant Director

Very informative, well-pitched and well-paced. Good broad grounding in financial measurement..

General Manager

Very good. Helpful and useful.

Managing Director

Excellent, well-delivered. Good, fairly indepth. Not too detailed but a good all round course.

Sales Director

Excellent. Very engaging and informative. Run at correct speed for me. Thoroughly recommended.

General Manager

Very good, interactive, challenging and enjoyable. Stimulating, demystifying elements in accounts.

Very good. Very useful introduction.


Great, enjoyed it. Very useful.

IT Director

Excellent. Great background and introduction to accounting.

Marketing Director

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