Finance for Non-Financial Directors - (PART 2 - Management Accounts)

Fully understand your management accounts


This one-day interactive workshop is for senior managers and directors who need to understand the inner financial workings of their business.  As well as the statutory reports that need to be filed, you also need a good grasp of the budgets, forecasts and requests for capital expenditure that cross your desk.  This workshop is designed to enable you to interpret the monthly financial reports/forecasts that you see in order to make more strategic decisions. 

(We also run Finance for Non-Financial Directors PART 1 which is about the statutory requirements placed on Directors.  It covers their legal duties and responsibilities and the financial statements they are required to submit by law.  So looks at the external requirements of any business.  

This course, Day 2 is about the internal financial mechanisms of how they achieve their strategic and financial targets - budgets, breakeven analysis, investment appraisal and qualitative cost/benefit analysis.  Their management accounts.  You can attend either one or both courses, you don't need to have done Day 1 in order to attend Day 2).

What you'll learn

  • The purpose and flow of the financial management cycle
  • How different costs behave and the impact of this on profitability
  • How to calculate breakeven point, and how to use CVP (Cost Volume Profit) analysis to work out optimum sales levels. 
  • What costs are relevant for decision making purposes, and which should be ignored
  • How to appraise different investment projects – from payback period to discounted cash flows
  • How to carry out a qualitative cost/benefit analysis as well as a quantitative one – e.g. when customer service or staff morale is the main objective
  • The way budgets are constructed and when to investigate variances

Who is it for?

All senior executives and directors who need to:

  • take part knowledgeably and constructively in boardroom conversations focusing on financial reports and decisions
  • understand the cost structure of their own business and how to make small adjustments which target the bottom line effectively
  • evaluate requests and applications for capital expenditure and know which will be best for the business
  • participate in the budget making process, and more importantly in the control of budget performance
  • how to create a robust framework around less tangible benefits to the business such as customer service and employee engagement
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Your facilitator

Sarah Hobbs

Sarah is the co-founder of Vondel Professional Development, and is an engaging and highly qualified business and training consultant who specialises in making finance easily comprehensible for non-financial professionals.  She has worked with a variety of clients across both the private and public sector including HMRC, Ince & Co, Wolseley, United Biscuits, PwC, Knight Frank, Mothercare, Nabarro, Norton Rose, BMJ Publishing and Barclays Bank. 

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