How To Be A Brilliant People Manager

Twelve powerful techniques that only great managers use

Wed 13 Sep 2017 9:30am - 4:00pm Glasgow
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Situated less than one minute from the platforms at Glasgow Central Station, The Studio Glasgow features 6 vibrant event spaces accommodating from 2 to 250 guests. 

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Thu 19 Oct 2017 9:30am - 4:00pm London
CCT Venues Barbican

CCT Venues Barbican


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Located next door to Barbican tube station.  


Exit Barbican tube station and turn right.  Barbican CCT Venues is located next door but 1 to the tube station, on the corner of the road.  Download full details here.


There is an NCP car park only minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for  a full day.

There is an NCP car park  minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for a full day.


The closest hotels are:

Citadines Aparthotel, Barbican (3 minute walk on the same road).

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*Two delegates £460.00 per delegate.

Rated by 132 delegates


If your biggest challenge is getting the best out of your people, this is the course for you.

How do you motivate the team when the going gets tough?  How to you ensure your high performers continue to deliver?  How do you get erratic or consistent under-performers to change their ways?

In this highly practical and fast pace course your will learn 12 practical techniques to help you become a brilliant people manager.

What you'll learn

1.How to give brilliant feedback
Why feedback matters, two reasons managers avoid feedback, how to avoid the three most common feedback mistakes and four steps to giving brilliant feedback.

2.What to do when people don't change
A simple but powerful technique to get people back on track when they don't respond to feedback the first time.

3.How to receive feedback
The most common reaction to feedback and why you must avoid it.  What to do instead. When to act on feedback and when not to act.

4.How to create a culture of delivery
Do your team deliver consistently – or are you fed up with people saying ‘Sorry I didn't have time'? The key questions you must ask to create a culture of delivery.

5.Four ways to build trust
If your people don't trust you your team won't deliver. Here are four easy ways to build trust - fast.

6.How to say sorry
It's vital to say sorry when you mess up – but the way you say sorry has a huge impact on whether people will trust you next time. Here's the most effective way to apologise

7.How to motivate anyone in three steps
Different people are motivated by different things; but the way you ask has pretty much the same effect on everybody. Learn the most motivational way to ask someone to do something.

8. How to solve problems
You probably spend quite a bit of time problem solving – but how good are you at coming up with really effective, creative solutions? Learn how with this technique.

9.What to do when people say ‘I don't know'
Three practical responses when you are problem solving or coaching a member or your team and they say ‘I don't know'

10.When not to help
Too many managers are too helpful and try to make everything right for everybody. Why this is a mistake and what to do instead.

11.How to get a commitment to action
In most situations doing something is better than doing nothing. Learn why and how to make it happen.

12.Saying the unsayable
This is the hallmark of a truly great manager. Learn how to say the unsayable in a career enhancing way.

Who is it for?

Who this course is - and isn't - for:

If you want to learn a lot of management theory and complicated models, this is not really the course for you. 

But if you want some practical techniques that you can use immediately to get the best out of your people, then this is the course for you.

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Your facilitator

Larry Reynolds

Larry is our courageous conversations expert. He develops managers in a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sector – recent clients include Bolton NHS, Cambridge University, Johnson & Johnson, London Borough of Hackney, Tetra Pak and Torus Housing. Our course participants love Larry's energy, knowledge, and practical approach to management and leadership.

Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

Very practical and useful with plenty of take aways and models. A management course that focuses on practical outcomes and not theory. Highly recommended.

Finance Manager, Imperial College London

Excellent, engaging and interesting. Practical. I can use lots of these tips immediately. Possible one of the best courses I have been on - and I've been on a lot.


It was great, really useful and practical- not at all about theories- more aimed at steps and processes. It will give you far more confidence about how to tackle an issue or staff member ina professional manner.

CEIAG Project Leader, Glasgow Clyde College

I thought it was very useful. It gave me clear ideas of how to deal with situations. I liked the use of real-life situations.Useful tips on dealing with difficult situations.

Library Co-ordinator, Glasgow Clyde College

Very practical and useful with plenty of take aways and models. A management course that focuses on practical outcomes and not theory. Highly recommended.

Finance Manager, Imperial College London

Excellent, engaging and interesting. Practical. I can use lots of these tips immediately. Possible one of the best courses I have been on - and I've been on a lot.


It was great, really useful and practical- not at all about theories- more aimed at steps and processes. It will give you far more confidence about how to tackle an issue or staff member ina professional manner.

CEIAG Project Leader, Glasgow Clyde College

I thought it was very useful. It gave me clear ideas of how to deal with situations. I liked the use of real-life situations.Useful tips on dealing with difficult situations.

Library Co-ordinator, Glasgow Clyde College

Very helpful for dealing with issues and a team. An infomative course with plenty of interaction.

Buildings Co-ordinator, Glasgow City College

Interesting, thought provoking, could consider own setting/issues throughout tasks.Positive and interactive experience.Some interruptions due to students using the space.

Head of Centre, Glasgow Clyde College

Interesting, thought provoking, could consider own setting/issues throughout tasks.An interactive, positive experience.Some interruptions due to students using the space.

Head of Centre, Glasgow Clyde College

Very helpful for dealing with issues and a team.An informative course, with plenty of interaction.

Building Co-ordinator, Glasgow Clyde College

Extremely useful, lots of guidelines to help unpick complex situations and not to over complicate straightforward situations.Come with an open mind and armed with real life scenarios to share.

Assistant Principal, Glasgow Clyde College

I thought it was very useful. It gave me clear ideas of how to deal with situations. I likes the use of real life scenarios.Useful tips on dealing with difficult situations.

Library Co-ordinator, Glasgow Clyde College

First half was excellent, but would prefer less time on coaching.Whistle stop tour on techniques to work with people.

Learning Inclusion Co-ordinator, Glasgow Clyde College

It was great, really useful and practical. Not all about theories, more aimed at steps and processes etc.It will give you far more confidence about how to tackle an issue re staff members in a professional manner, e.g. EECC.The innovation hub is a bit open plan when other people come in.

CEAIG Project Leader, Glasgow Clyde College

Right amount of info and background, not theoretical, practical and relatable examples.

Library Co-ordinator, Glasgow Clyde College

I found it thought provoking and has given me food for thought when dealing with situations, but has cemented the positive skills I display when managing my centre.It's a course which will make you think about how to use and implement a lot of positive measures.

Head of Centre, Glasgow Clyde College

Great interactive made me think of real situations and how to approach and deal with them and add real value to the team.A really useful day that will help improve the management and running of any team, and help to improve you personally on being a good manager and a credit to the company.

Area Building Manager, M&B

Very enjoyable with plenty of interactive activities. Lots of practical activities. Great tutor Larry.Very informative and you find out about yourself and where you fall down.

Payroll process team lead, M&B

Very informative and gave me a lot to think about! Larry is a brilliant facilitator and really knows how to draw from you.Insightful, and interactive.

L&D Support team lead

Excellent. Great, enthusiastic and engaging presenter. Learnt practical techniques.A course that will provide you with practical solutions you can use in many situations to improve your skills as a manager.

Licencing Manager , M&B

Really informative. Larry very engaging as a tutor. Some of the HR courses here can be quite wishy washy but liked how he was very direct and told you how it is!The feedback section is really useful if you have underperforming team members.

Business Support Team Leader, M&B

Enjoyed the training. Larry is very engaging and the content moved on at the right pace.Good overview of effective interaction with others at all levels with useful tools to take away and practice with.

Recruitment Manager, M&B

Liked the OPERA framework and reference to Galup Q12. Liked the feedback framework, liked the coaching framework.It's good for people preparing to people manage. It reinforces what being a brilliant people manager is.

Senior Recruitment Manager, M&B

Very good and informative. Thought provoking and helpful.


Really liked the honest and direct approach and also the pace. Good to have a different perspective on feedback and coaching.

Senior Recruitment Manager, M&B

Informative. Useful ideas of management techniques.


Very good practical examples. Reassuring but provides a basic framework to follow. Sound introduction to people management with practical examples.

Head of Procurment, M&B

Thought provoking. Stimulating. Equipped me with some useful management techniques that I will use. Interactive. Good for personal development.

Senior Building Development Manager, M&B

Good reinforced some principles that I already used and introduced some other effective model ie feedback and OPERA

Talent Support Manager, M+B

Very informative and left with defined actions on internal and external teams.Giving you the tools tp manage and explore the opportunities of your team.


Very informative an engaging. Practical advice as to how to approach problems in the workplace.


Good will take a lot away. Like the interaction with other attendees.

General Manager

Fabulous, really well delivered. Learnt a lot from the session. Things I can use in my work environment. Very informative, flows really well, pushes you to think outside the box.

Staff Engagement Manager

Very informative and practical.

Head of Development

Very useful. Provides some really thought provoking and useful techniques.

Performance and Planning Lead

Excellent. I feel that it has scratched the surface but that I probably need to ut it into practice to see if it works. Very useful if you don't have formal HR training and you need some techniques to get the real issues with staff in the open.


Good practical tips on key management practices. Coaching model is good. Good short course but packed with useful tips that can be applied in practice.

Head of Business Functions

Excellent, informative and relevant.

L&D and HR Manager

Good workshop, made me think about some things in a different way.

Assistant Service Line Manager

Excellent. Very good course giving practical tips and tools to manage people including how to manage "problem" people.

Teaching Operations Manager

I've enjoyed today, it has been a positive learning day. Good pace. Trainer very knowledgeable. Explained everything well and included everyone in discussions.

Project Co-ordinator

Excellent, very informative and has given me lots of tips and strategies and food for thought. Both theoretical and practical. Lots of opportunities to hear about management strategies as well as opportunities to practice them.

Resource Centre Manager

Interesting, engaging. New perspectives. Short, enlightening. Good for looking at things differently, good eye opener for managers.

General Manager

Very good. Very useful with plenty of hands on exercises to illustrate the theory.

Head of the Regulatory Services Partnership

Very informative and enjoyable. Worth attending, presented simply.

Finance Director

Excellent, informative, engaging.

Business Development Manager

Really practical and useful course. Learned new skills which I will be putting into practice immediately. Helped build my confidence to address real and challenging issues in workplace. Best training course I've been on in a long time. If you manage people, you can't afford not to have completed this course. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Head of Health Improvement

Excellent. Tackled issues which are at the crux of managing well in a simple and easy manner.

Physio Centre Manager

Excellent course. Good mix of content delivery and interactive sessions. Very relevant to any manager, many useful techniques introduced and developed.

Service Delivery Manager

Excellent course, a mixture of theory and practice. A must go to for all managers.

Research and Development Manager

Very insightful and great practical skills to use with staff feedback sessions. Interactive and great coverage of how to deal with some of the harder questions faced by management.

Finance Manager

Excellent variety of sessions, not too much presentation. Easy to talk with colleagues.

Deputy Head Teacher

Excellent, interactive fun, interesting, a very worthwhile day. Great for a new manager to learn good habits from the start, also great for any manager to hone and practice their skills. Really well organised, good venue and most importantly great content.

People Development Senior Specialist

Excellent format, reminder of what I should be doing and new ways. Very practical, can easily be put into practice in real work environment.

Service Delivery Manager

Excellent, very practical, sensible and applicable to lots of workplace scenarios.


Very good. Interactive, fun interesting training.

I thought it was terrific! Be prepared to take part, the course provides excellent plans and structures for conversations and issues.

Accommodation Services

Very good. Great intervention and group work to learn how to manage better.


Good interactive session done in a well structured way, Group exercises were excellent. Didn't feel pressured. Attend this course if you want to explore real examples of how to improve team management.

Team Manager

Very well crafted programme. Engaging and informative.

Professional Development

Venue excellent, trainer controlled the pace well. Felt that the content that was covered was excellently delivered.


Larry was very good at delivering the course and the content was relevant to me and interesting. I will go away with some actions to do immediately so it has been practical.

Finance Manager

Very good. Relevant and helpful. The hardest part now will be putting some of the learning into action. Very practical with real life examples that are relevant to you as a manager and your role being used to demonstrate how to best manage and tackle certain situations whilst staying professional and getting the message across.

Financial Controller

Really practical and useful with real life exercises. Very good and knowledgeable speaker. Very helpful with some good models and techniques to apply.

Member Services Manager

Thought provoking, most interactive course I've ever done.

Deputy Head of Procurement

Larry was very engaging and the other participants contributed to the day's success. Very practical.

Programme Manager

Very good course material, well presented with adaption and empathy. Well worth attending, with some good methods to take away.

Director, JMG Electrical Ltd

Very enjoyable. Introduced to some new concepts and ideas, well structured. Would certainly recommend it.


Very interactive makes you think. Venue was very accessible and the course is reasonably priced.

Managing Partner

Very practical and very useful.


Consice, easy to understand with "call to arms" triggers. Engaging insightful worth the time and money investment.

Managing Director

Interesting, informative and thought provoking. Will provide at least one area that will make you a better manager.

Head of Sports Services

Really helpful. It has given me the time and confidence to approach different issues in an alternative way. Useful to be able to use different scenarios through the session.

Service Manager

Found it informative and fun. The tasks broke up the day and reinforced the learning tools.

Operations Director

Very informative. Interactive and engaging.


Very good and informative. Well worth attending.


Structured and informative. Different way of thinking.

Associate Solicitor

Practical advice and guidance.

Associate Solicitor

Very inforrmative and thought provoking, helfpful advice to put into practice.

Associate Solicitor

Very informative. Very interactive, engagement of attendees throughout.

Administration Manager

Very good and interesting. Some good techniques taught, very engaging session. Useful and interesting.

IT Manager

Very good, Informative, useful genuinely insightful.

Finance Manager

Enjoyed the role play elements which really helped to understand the concepts discussed. Very useful and informative with lots of practical advice.


Very informative and practical. Interactive and useful.

Associate Solicitor

Very useful and informative. Gave lots of tips for dealing with scenarios and more structured response. I would recommend.

Associate Solicitor

The training was very good as it got people engaging with others. Very useful.

Team Leader

Good, lots of things to think about, build up from basic to advanced.

Training and Recruitment Manager

Really helpful, informative and practical.


I enjoyed the training. I will take a few things back with me. Great pace, good trainer. Worth attending, good advice.

Service Manager

Good clear instruction engaging tutor. A good course for new or established managers who are looking to improve their own and their organisation's performance.

Head of Sales

Overall good and thought provoking. Well handled - I didn't drift off or go to sleep at any point! Valuable though a bit time pressured, useful intro to people management.

Consultant Surgeon

Good delivery and interactive sessions.

Finance Director

I found it gave me a different way to look at problems to be able to solve them There were lots of ideas and working with people from different organisations helped me to see the problems we all share.

Deputy General Manager

It was extremely informative and engaging. The tasks after each topic helped instill the memory and being able to attribute real life examples ensured I'll be equipped to use tools learnt in working environment.

Head of Marketing

Very informative and some good tools to use in the workplace. Interesting and eye opening.

Operations Manager

Provided some good techniques for multiple scenarios. Well paced and good presentation.

Senior Banking Manager

Really useful and helpful with real life examples and one to one sessions with complete strangers gave confidence on how to resolve a problem and give feedback appropriately.


It was informative and I got some useful advice. Practical course and good networking opportunities.

Assistant Payroll Manager

Well structured with engaging trainer. Makes you think about process outcome from actions. How to resolve staff issues through telling and coaching.

Business Manager

Very interesting. Great fun interacting with other delegates. Good venue and food. Can certainly put the feedback training into practice tomorrow.

Head of Techincal

Very good, speedy and great on moving through. Simple but clear tools and ideas. Practical and interactive.

Area Operations Manager

A very accessible and well designed synthesis of management ideas. I liked the clarity of delivery the anecdotal style and the balance of input and activity.

Head of Humanities

Very good.


Very enjoyable. Engaging fast-paced. Possibly could benefit from more time for group discussion. Very valuable, particularly for people newer to line management or staff engagement.

Business Manager

Well focussed, covering a wide range of topics. Very practical. Hands on, challenging and fun.

Service Manager

Enjoyed the delivery and practical side of the training.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Well presented and interesting. I will be letting other managers within my organisation know about this course and encouraging them to attend. Perfect delivery, keep doing what you do!

Senior Supervisor

Excellent. Good to have time to discuss and practice. More on coaching than I realised.

Staff Development Advisor

Very well structured, adequate time given to each topic. The trainer's knowledge and enthusiasm was very effective and relevant. Great that there was no powerpoint!!!!

Training Officer

Excellent. High pace, great enthusiasm, useful simple tools and approaches. Delivered some key skills for how to positively engage employees.

Engineering Manager

Excellent. Good themes and very well presented. Interesting, useful and challenging.


Useful, informative and practical. Also concise and to the point. No waffling!

Customer Service Assistant Manager

Very good. Thought provoking.


Really useful and very memorable. I fell like I can go back to work and use it straight away. I'm looking forward to rethinking how I engage colleagues and getting a different results.

Strategic Communications Manager, NHS

It met my personal objectives. Practical, useful, beneficial, relevant and enjoyable.

L & D Consultant

Excellent, really interesting and practical workshops. Very helpful.

HR Advisor

Lively, informative and interactive. I like the bite-size ideas as t hey are practical to try out back at work. Worth doing.

Service Manager

It was fun and at a good pace. I got a lot from talking to the other people and the exercises. Well worth it.

AST Manager

Superb training event. Quality information with plenty of time allowed for discussion and questions. The coaching exercises were particularly valuable.

, Health Education East Midlands

Excellent deliver of the course, well organised and very useful. I would describe this course as very interactive with clear strategies for getting the best out of your team an dhow to get the desired results from your team.

Technical Operations Manager

Very good overview of key elements of how to get the best out of people. Gives you useful tools to get the best out of people and teams.

Director of Operations

Excellent, quick, useful, practical tips. The content can apply to any industry regardless of the size of the organisation.

Dean of School

I've been to a couple of sessions run by Larry before so know that I'd enjoy it. Relaxed and informative.

Pro Vice Chancellor

Good content and the amount of time spent on each section was right. Presenter's style was excellent. Very informative and interactive.

PA to MD

Very well delivered. Excellent resources and tools to take away. Brilliant, very insightful.

Business Development Manager

Really enjoyed Larry's style and that this was delivered without powerpoint. He had a great knowledge of the content and encourages a good level of interaction without pushing people to feel uncomfortable. Great course, refreshing approach.


Some great little tools to provoke thought and add structure to discussions. A quick guide to difficult conversations, motivating, coaching and problem solving techniques.

Director of Commercial Strategy

Some valuable tools and useful reminders. Good balance of listening and participation. Light hearted learning of the absolute essentials.

HR Director

Excellent, some great tools to use. Very good style exhibited by Larry. Good combination of tutorial mixed with with interactive break out sessions. Helped that a number of my colleagues attended as well which meant we could brainstorm some real issues.

Managing Director

Great insight to personal style as well as gaining some knowledge for personal improvement.

Head of Business Solutions

Varied, good material, very useful techniques and exercises. Very practical and grounded in reality.

Director of Procurement

Very informative, fun approachable, interactive. Hands on, lots of interaction. Some very interesting alternative methods and and ideas.


Well structured, well presented. High level, but of use and good refresher for a manager of a few years.

Service Lead

Very enjoyable, some new ideas, some material was more familiar.

IT Infrastructure Manager

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